Never say these words to your daughter!

You may not know that you have unconsciously hurt or negatively affected your precious daughter with your careless words.

Girls are normally sensitive, especially when they grow up and hit the puberty. Girls’ emotions, feelings and beliefs in this period are easily affected by the words and behaviors of their parents or someone they consider as their idol. It is advisable that you avoid saying these words to your daughter in order not to negatively affect her mood. 


1. Praising another girl with a slim body in front of your daughter 

"She is so lucky to be that slim. I’ve heard that she eats anything she likes and never gets to the gym!" Are you sure that girl is eating freely and does not need to exercise? And is she really that healthy all the time? There are two cases that will happen. Your daughter might get jealous with that girl, and she might feel that she is unlucky or not born to be beautiful. The second possibility is that your child does exactly what that girl is doing, which is too risky for her health and physique. 

2. “Honey, your gain weight?” or “It seems like your belly’s getting bigger!” 

You can make your little girl unnecessarily feel worried about her normally growing body. She is made to strongly believe that being slim means being beautiful. This can cause your daughter to make any effort just to make herself thin, and this is undoubtedly dangerous for her developing physique. 


3. "No, thanks honey! I don’t know how many pounds I can put on if I take this meal. Mama is on a diet, you know.” 

Seriously, never say that to your girl. You have to make her perceive the importance of having nutritious meals instead of letting her see how tough her mother’s diet is. Being a careless mother, you can turn your healthy daughter into a patient with anorexia. Let your daughter know, being healthy is the most important thing to her. You had better encourage her to eat well and to maintain a healthy living habit.  

4. "I’m sorry. I'm too busy to help you now. I’ll do it later, ok?" 

If you think working is more important than spending time with your children, you will soon regret what you have missed when they are already grown-up. Your daughter has to be put into priority. A young girl experiencing puberty really needs parents to stay by her side. 

5. "You know, if only I had done that!" 

Wishing for the past is one of the most unnecessary and unhelpful things in this life. You should be a role model so that your daughter will not need to say regrets in the future. Teach her that living without saying “if only” or “I wish” makes a strong and determined lady.

By: Chris Stewart

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