Taller husband creates happier marriage, studies confirmed

Usually, men prefer women lower than themselves, and women want higher lover or husband.

Usually, men prefer women lower than themselves, and women want higher lover or husband. This, for many people, is a mystery that has not been solved, but recent Dutch scientists have come up with a new answer. 


To answer this question, researchers at the University of Groningen decided to conduct a survey with the attendance of about 50,000 men and women. 

The survey found that most women thought that their partners needed to be higher about 20cm. Men's representatives found their "the half" 8 cm shorter than theirs was most suitable. Based on the survey data, the researchers concluded that women's optimum height was 174cm, and that of men was 188cm. 


However, this is just the ideal disparity. Other studies showed that only 4% of married couples, of which women were taller than men, and 3.5% of couples were equally tall. 


The advantage of the higher husband than wife is explained by the scientists that, first of all, in accordance with the laws of biology: When men are higher, their children also higher. 

Men always want partners lower than themselves, while women also like men higher than themselves. 

Not long ago, the staffs of American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup have showed that the stature of a man who had a great influence on their fate. Men and women than the average height (men with the height of 177,8cm and women with the height of 162,6cm) feel happier, happier and more successful than the lower people. 

On the other hand, according to Polish scientists, in family life, money and mutual respect are not as important as the ratio between the size of husband and wife. The best thing about marriage is that the husband must be 1.09 times taller than his wife. 

The most prominent example of incompatible height is the couple actress wife Nicole Kidman (180cm) and Tom Cruise (170cm) with the index of 0.94. Moreover, Prince Charles (168cm) and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles (170cm) have the ratio of 0.98. Successful marriage typically belongs to footballer David Beckham (183cm) and wife Victoria (168cm), the result is the ideal figure of 1.09. 

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise 

David Beckham and Victoria

Some people believe that the height of individuals affect the success of that person. The British psychologist confirmed the high people are more successful in their careers. Statistics in a British company confirmed that the average height of people management is higher than the average height of the employees about 2.5 cm and their income is higher than 400 pounds, regardless of whether they are male or female. 

Another study of America confirmed the relationship between stature and financial success. At City Walls (US Financial Center), one inch (2,45cm) "redundancy" in height leads to higher wages of 340 pounds. 

By: Oralie Smith

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