Love for football in the 'special stadiums' around the world

Football is not only played on modern stadiums, crowded cities but can also be played on special terraces such as ice, high mountains or dusty streets.

In addition to the beautiful matches, grass pitch superstars, there is also a lot of attention to modern stadiums, where the teams play together. Of course, these are the stadiums that are invested in modern facilities, soft green grass, and large stands. However, football is a sport that has the attraction all over the world. Anywhere on this Earth, we can also encounter special football pitches.


The tallest football pitch in the world: Ottmar Hitzfeld is considered to be the tallest football pitch in the world, at a height of over 2,000 m in the Alps. Because it is too high, natural grass does not grow, so people have to use artificial grass instead. Moving up here is done by cable car. In this photo is a football match in 2010, between two teams FC Gspon (white shirt) of Switzerland, against FC Zuma (red shirt) of Spain in 2010.


Football pitch on iceberg: Clearly football love spreads everywhere, including where the temperature is as low as the Arctic.

The pitch on iceberg was created by the Norwegian navy and scientists from the Norwegian Sea Research Institute and played together on March 22, 2018.


Straw football pitch: Zenit Arena football pitch in Russia's Stavropol region is made entirely of straw. The pitch is for local amateur players playing together.


Football pitch on the high rise building: An indoor football court was built on the top floor of the department store next to Shibuya Road in Tokyo, Japan.


Floating football pitch: This pitch is located in the floating village of Koh Panyee in Phang Nga Province in southern Thailand. Koh Panyee has more than 1,500 inhabitants, was created by an Indonesian fisherman 200 years ago. The village is an attractive tourist destination of Thailand.

And special matches

Love for football is everywhere and at all. Just having a wide enough plane and some people like to play football can make a great "tournament".


Maybe the stadium is not a stand, the upright is just two bricks, the ball wrapped from scrap paper and the players are barefoot, but love and enthusiasm are different from any of the superstars on the modern stadium.


Local players play in the yard of a school destroyed and deserted in Somalia. The surrounding area is rubbish, dust and smoke from burning garbage.


This photo was taken July 12 in Colombia. Football players are former FARC rebels who spend many years living and fighting in the jungles of Colombia.

special-pitch-11 special-pitch-12

Football is not just for adults. Two children of the Tatuyo Amazonian tribe in Rio Negro (Brazil) play football (right) and the match on the rooftop of San Giuseppe students in Turin, Italy (left).


Photo recorded in the mud football tournament in Woellnau, Germany.


Myanmar youth play football on the banks of the Yangon River.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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