How to turn your negative emotions into positive ones?

Sometimes, just by adjusting your perspective, your thought a bit, you will easily overcome negative emotions and start a more positive lifestyle.

Stop being scared when you are yourself

To be perfect in everyone's eyes, many people will often choose to hide their bad side. This action can be bad or good depending on the viewpoint of each person. However, sometimes your bad side should be accepted for improvement.

This disadvantage can be offset by other advantages. Sometimes, you "hypnotize" yourself that you do not have any advantages, that you are all bad, but the truth is you are not. You just have not discovered your good side, or do not admit it. So, just be yourself and discover yourself more and more each day to understand your personality, understand the person inside you.


Use mantras

Mantras are words, sounds, sentences, or simply syllables that are repeated to aid concentration. Some sounds should be said out loud in a special sequence. The mantras have spiritual power because they have been inherited in the tradition of thousands of years. The recitation of a mantra can bring you deep peace. It can help your body and mind relax as well as forget negative emotions of the present and the causes of stress.

Just repeat mantras whenever you feel anxious about the present or every morning before you start a new day. The most common mantra is Om or Om Mani Pad Mehum. However, you can read any sentence that makes you focus, such as "breathe in, breathe out", "I'm alive", "today will be a good day"... Besides directing your thinking towards the inside, repetition of positive words during the practice of mindfulness can help build a positive feeling from your subconscious mind.


Limit spending time with social networks

Social networking is a great invention in many respects, but it also shows us a misleading version that can negatively affect our mind. You can restrict access to information by unfollowing those people who are giving you unnecessary information or negative emotions, or limiting the amount of time you visit social networks.

Limiting using social networking is a very difficult task. You can spend time cooking, playing with animals, practicing your favorite sport to forget the habit of surfing social networks in your free time. In addition, these activities will cheer you up a lot.


Live slowly and calmly

Life is constantly moving so many young people are still spinning, striving to express themselves. Therefore when you fail, you will constantly judge yourself. Instead of blaming yourself, you can accept it and give you an opportunity to learn from it, while relaxing and recharging yourself.

Besides, you can refer to helpful methods such as exercise, traditional meditation, writing a diary, or even chatting with a friend. It is important for your body to rest and continue to fill the energy tank, helping you overcome daily stress.


Treat yourself as your BFF

Are you a close friend of somebody? If so, what would you do when your buddy fails? Will that be a negative talk, causing them fall even further or consolation to revive their spirit?

Surely you have the answer for this. So why don't you do the same with yourself? Tell yourself that you have done well, everything will be fine. Practice the habit of treating yourself as your best friend to avoid negative feelings is one of the simplest thing you can do to make your life better.




By: Dinah Gutierrez

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