How to overcome the feeling of being rejected in love?

There are still other people waiting if you are brave enough to walk through the door that is no longer for you.

A study by Ethan Kross in 2011 has found out that emotional distress from being rejected by others results in a painful area of the brain, which is similar to physical pain. However, we would rather feel the burned by pouring a cup of hot coffee on our own hand than having to start believing again after being rejected by love. So, this psychological fear is a way to face rejection?

Regardless of how painful you are right now, you can overcome that pain and become even stronger than before. Just learn to react at the present time, recover from the bad feeling about yourself and later, focus on other goals in life.

Here are a few things you should definitely remember after being rejected:


Being rejected does not take away your chance to be happy

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. In fact, the number of people who choose to accept the risk of being rejection to gain the chance of happiness is way more than the number of people who choose the opposite option.

Actually, we will not know how bitter coffee is if you have never tasted it. Love is just the same. If we not accept pain coming from love, we will not understand true love. You may be rejected, but that is not the reason for giving up your chance to be loved. If that person is not the real one for you, do not regret it. Your journey for happiness is still ahead.


Being rejected in love does not determine your value

You may think that being rejected means you are losing your self-esteem. Then you start to doubt your values and feel insecure when your love is not accepted.

However, your value is not appreciated by your success or failure in love. No one will disparage you just because you cannot get love from others. Instead of self-torment, take a step back and see things in a bigger picture. A person's refusal will be a lesson to others. Temporarily remove negative thoughts and look straight at the problem, which will help you get rid of the current sad feeling.


When one door closes, another opens

You've probably heard this famous quote of Alexander Graham Bell. However, not everyone can be such optimistic. After a relationship breaks down, they usually just look at the closed door and feel fear and self-retraction.

Refusal has never been easy. But this is just temporary sadness. The best thing you need to do is clear up all negative emotions, put them in a corner of your memory and never touch them again. Then, open your heart to see that there are many other better doors waiting for you.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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