How to have an effective working week?

Planning, arranging your work and regularly updating appointments will give you a productive and effective week.

On the first day of the week, we often feel tired and tense because we have to prepare for a long series of work. However, keep in mind that we still can control everything.

The suggestions below will help you get inspired and have a good working week.

Plan everything on the weekend

Weekend is not just time for you to rest. You can also plan for the new week. Make out everything you need to do during the week including company work or study and personal appointments... We tend to remember for a longer time when writing it down. Creating a detailed plan also helps you manage your work efficiently.

For a productive working week, a good start is absolutely needed. If you do not want to have to work extra for two days off, have a specific list from earlier.


Sort your works by priority

With a to-do list, rank them briefly in order of priority. Effective work does not stop at the way you accomplish your assigned tasks but also at the speed and quality of your work. Organizing your to-do list according to priority will help you to estimate the time needed for each task.

The first days of the week are the time your working spirit is in the highest state. So, try to finish important things these days. Working time on Thursdays and Fridays will be more comfortable when the workload is reduced.


Check, add appointments

To make sure you do not miss any appointment, check the schedule regularly and add your upcoming meetings in 1-2 weeks or even the next month. You can record to the calendar on your phone and include a reminder. This helps you not to be surprised by any important date. Besides, you will have time to prepare carefully for everything, avoid unexpected mistakes.


Give yourself some time to start

Every morning, don’t forget to spend about 30 minutes exercising, preparing a good breakfast and sipping a cup of coffee. Do not rush to work immediately, you should spend all this time to relax, recharge the excitement. A song with a cheerful melody will be a good hint to help you kick start your day. Even if you go to the office or get out of bed only 10 minutes earlier, this still makes a big difference to your day job.


Minimize conversations

For maximum productivity, you need to focus on your work hours. Do not let yourself be affected by phone messages or social networking. You will be able to accomplish what you need to do quickly if you remove all the distractions.

Do not waste your time on unnecessary conversations as it will not improve your quality of work. If you can follow the suggestions above, every day of your work is a day filled with joy and excitement.


By: Lily Haney

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