How to control your thoughts during meditation

There are many different methods of meditation, but first you have to learn how to control your thoughts.

It may be difficult to start meditation because it seems to be far from what we are taught. But actually, meditation is much simpler than the way we think about it or describe it. To begin meditation practice, the only requirement is your gentle readiness. Your desire to experience something new is all you need to go on a new path.

Many health professionals as well as psychiatrists often advise us to apply daily meditation to purify the mind and to have a deeper sleep at night. However, not everyone is comfortable with this type of relaxation, and most people find it difficult to concentrate. So, what meditation method will suit those beginners, what will help them to dismiss unexpected thoughts in the process of meditation?

Do not try to get everything out of your head

According to meditation expert Sasha Graham, instead of trying to concentrate and dismiss all the thoughts that are present in your mind, you should gently accept them and step by step answer the questions that are circling in your head.

Similarly, Kedar Nath, a yoga expert, shares this view. People tend to sit down, close their eyes, breathe evenly and try to make their minds empty. This is completely false and in fact no one seems to be able to do this. The most accurate meditation is to focus on the breath and instead of looking for the truth, you seek your own self. The moment you sink into your thoughts, you know who you are and what you want. Answer all your voices and you will feel self-restraint.

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Focus on a certain subject

If you still cannot release your body and mind for meditation, then listen to the advice of Ellie Peterson. One of the simplest methods to meditate is to focus on one thing instead of everything. Typically you can focus on your own breath or any other object such as your arms, the candle that is shining in front of you, or the chair placed in the corner of the room.

You may be surprised because normally when we meditate, we close our eyes. However, there are many ways to meditate and no one forces us to close our eyes when doing these meditation methods. Focusing on a definite object will partly help you to forget your life or your troubles. From there, your body will also be much more relaxed.

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Apart from these two basic meditation techniques, experts also suggest that we should practice them every day rather than a few days a week. 24 hours seems never to be enough for all of us, but you should spend at least 15 - 30 minutes a day relaxing and doing simple meditation. This is how you can "recharge" for the next working day.



By: Quinn Abrams

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