How to build a good friendship through conversations?

Conversations are very important in building a beautiful friendship. They help you understand each other, stay with each other longer.

For some people, because of job characteristics, they may be exposed to a lot of clients every day. However, this is not the way to make friends. Continuous communication and the pressure to be friendly and energetic throughout the day will surely make you feel exhausted.

So, if you are looking for a friend who can always be with you when you need them, how much time and effort do you need? The study below will give you answers including how to get more friends, and how to build a good friendship.


Time is an invaluable gift

"How many hours does it take to make a friend?", a study published earlier this year  by Jeffrey A. Hall has described the encounters that could build on friendship. Jeffrey's research has shown that spending time together and participating in recreational activities will help you and your partner get better experiences together.

In particular, Jeffrey says that the chances of making friends will be increased by 50% when you spend about 43 hours meeting in three weeks. Then, from ordinary friends, you can become close friends if you spend at least 57 hours in 3 weeks and 164 hours in 3 months with each other.


Hall points out that sharing about daily life is more helpful than small talk. The author also explains the "compulsory" meetings as in classroom or company would not help to promote close friendships. The two of you need to share time and go out together more frequently. Sharing experiences will be the catalyst to help you understand each other.

Friendship requires the use of time together effectively. People who ask about work, hobbies, family will be easier to become friends than people who just see the other one as a "social friend".

Bond with friends is essential in life

In a study in 2017, Jefferey A. Hall and Daniel Cochece Davis identified the CBB (Communicate Bond Belong) theory. This theory explains the role of communication in relationships and social interaction. This theory helps us to recognize that communication in society is the engine of new energy. However, that is not all that Hall and Davis need to know.


In addition, the two researchers also emphasize the need for making friends as it pertains to connection, emotional expression, health issues and is one of the most important factors to have a happy life. Hall and Davis explain CBB as a tool for motivating individuals to make friends and tighten relationships.

We all know that when we grow up, time is the most precious gift. Take advantage of it cautiously to get more friends and turn "acquaintances" into "mates" that can stay with us as long as possible.




By: Lily Haney

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