Have you ever thought of reading before bed?

Instead of sticking to your phone, read a book before bed for a brighter mind the next morning.

It is not difficult to realize that today, most of us have to work on a computer with constant frequency. Leaving the brain getting too close to electronic devices will have a negative impact on the quality of sleep every night. There will be people who stay up all night or lie awake until midnight until they’re able to close their eyes. This action not only wastes time, but also affects our health the next morning.

So, instead of lying "counting sheep" or thinking endlessly, try reading before bed to be able to quickly fall into your dreams.


In fact, depending on the body condition, people will have a different way to find their sleep. But choosing a favorite book and reading a couple of pages before bedtime will help you get better sleep for sure, according to a new study by neuroscientist David Lewis at the University of Sussex.

It’s not only about the sleepy feeling, reading a book before bed will reduce the amount of stress that is accumulated in your body by about 68%, which is far superior to taking a sip of a tea, listening to music or taking a walk. In addition, Dr. David also says that the process lasts only six minutes per night, instead of hours as we usually spend to read a book.

Choose a suitable time

Set a time to switch off all electronic devices, and get on your bed and start your journey through each page instead. A 2015 study found that the participants who were allowed to use their phones and social networks before bedtime experienced fatigue the next morning. As a result, none of these people have a quick reflex or a good analytical ability, and a few even experienced negative feelings. Similarly, a study in 2016 published in Preventive Medicine had the same results. Meanwhile, those who read before sleeping had the totally opposite result.


Choose a suitable book

A US bed and mattress company advises people not to underestimate the value of reading before going to bed, and recommends their customers to choose a book to read before they sleep. Instead of choosing a random book, getting a good book that you like will make you feel more excited, thereby minimizing the stress, fatigue of the day. The company also adds that if you read an unsuitable book, chances are you'll quickly quit and go to the electronics again.

In addition to the advice that electronic devices should be put out of reach, health experts also suggest that people should buy essential oils or relax in a warm bath so that the body could feel better. Besides, doctors also advise on environmental issues such as room temperature. In particular, people should keep the temperature not too high or low to avoid sweat or cold.



By: Quinn Abrams

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