Fun experiences to enjoy in your 20s

The best thing about the 20s is having fun. This is the period when you have big dreams and ambitions and are on the journey to conquer them all.

1. Become a mentor of someone

This may sound strange, but even when you're only in your 20s and 30s, you've got enough knowledge. Remember your 19-year-old self and 20-year-old self, there will be a big difference!

If you can help and become the mentor of someone who is already in your former position, you will probably feel a lot more satisfied. It is also an activity that helps you look at yourself, at the same time, it also makes your past experiences not meaningless. You will use that experience to support others, as well as improve your ability to meet interesting friends, right?


2. Visit two countries within a week

You will feel your adventurous instinct most clearly in the 20s. If you have never stepped out of your hometown, this is the perfect time!

Interestingly, the Europe will not be too difficult for you to move between countries. So when you have decided to travel somewhere, choose a location that you can go to for a trip to two or even three countries.


3. Becomes an audience on a television show

Have you ever watched TV shows and wondered why people could be appearing there? Everything can be solved, if you just want to learn. Being an audience of one of your favorite shows will be very interesting, because you can see almost everything, things that don’t show up on TV. Also, being on TV is quite amazing, right?


4. Live in a new place at a time of the year

It sounds a bit scary when you have to leave everything familiar and start it all over again. Unfortunately, the desire to live in your dream city will not only come once or twice. If you really want that to happen, it will haunt you 24/7. So, give that wish a chance, because it may not last forever, but the fact that you make that wish come true is also a wonderful experience!


5. Take your parents with you on a surprise trip

Get your parents to travel is a way to partly repay the days they did not mind struggling to nurture and love you. Maybe this will make you have to earn more, save more, but their happy face when you announce they are traveling to a new free place will be completely worthy of what you give up. That's it!


6. Change your appearance without informing anyone in advance

Changing is inevitable. The best way to have the feeling that you fully control it is to actively make the change. Moreover, changing your appearance in an arbitrary way also makes you feel like you are deciding your own destiny.

And, remember that you can completely conquer all the different hairstyles, anything can make you extremely attractive. So, take the opportunity, and wait for everyone's reaction!


By: Anna Bennett

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