Do you know the Royal Family is harsh with these principles?

These are all rules of the Royal Family that even the Queen does not break them.

Imagine that people born of noble character like Queen Elizabeth and her family will have a happy life of "freedom" that many people wish but few know that life is "covered" by harsh rules. 

Rule # 1: The little prince always wears shorts. 


A lot of people are curious why young royal princes are wearing shorts in any weather. The answer is really simple. This is one of the traditions of the British nobility, aristocracy and royalty. 

Accordingly, trousers are usually for big boys and men, while shorts for young boys. Therefore, if the young prince wants to wear trousers, he will have to wait until 8 years old. 

Rule # 2: The Royal members do not vote. 


There are no laws that prevent the Royal Family from voting. However, members of the Royal Family must remain neutral on all political sides. They are not allowed to vote, so no one can blame them for being a candidate. 

Rule # 3: The Royal members only wear black clothes if it's a mourning period. 

Princess Diana wore a black dress in 1994. 

We can wear black everyday but this is supposed to be the funeral color of the Royal Family. 

That's why you never see Prince William's wife in black dress. However, his mother, Diana, had broken the rules when wearing a black dress right at the time of her husband Prince Charles who admitted to cheating on British television in 1994. 

Rule # 4: The Royal members do not eat shellfish. 


The rule book mentions that the Queen and her relatives do not eat shellfish such as clams, oysters, snails, shrimps and crabs. 

Because they can still hold heavy metals in their body or cause them to have abdominal pain, diarrhea or poisoning. 

Rule # 5: Two successors will not fly together. 

For safety, two Royal heirs are not allowed to take the same flight. 

Because if the unfortunate accident happens like a plane crash, a sinking ship, an accident ... it would be a terrible pain to lose both of their successors at the same time. That's why you do not see Charles and William traveling together in one trip. 

Rule 6: All members are not allowed to sign on anything. 


The Royal members are very friendly with the fans. They are willing to talk and shake hands with everyone in the official events. However, there is no way you can get the signature of the Royal members. 

In order to reduce the risk of counterfeiting or fraudulent selling of signatures, the Royal members are prohibited from signing anything on the public domain. 

Rule # 7: The Royal members do not wear fur. 

As a rule, Royal clothing worn should not be too luxurious. 

The protocol recommends that the Queen and the Royal members should not appear in furs. However, this rule applies only to fur coats - fur collar coats and hats are acceptable. 

Rule # 8: The Royal Family welcome Christmas together. 


Christmas is a very meaningful time for family members to experience warmth. Traditionally, every member of the Royal Family must celebrate Christmas together. 

They will gather and celebrate Christmas at Sandringham Castle in Norfolk. This is also a chance for the members to keep a meaningful moment of the family. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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