Depression and 5 common mistakes to avoid

Please be tolerate with yourself if you find yourself iA mistake that people with depression often suffer from is their way of dealing with life problems. Just remember they are ordinary problems of life, not a punishment.n the mistakes below. They are just ordinary problems of life, not a punishment.

1. Not solving the problems that let you down

The feeling of dissatisfaction is one of the symptoms of depression. Frequent problems provoking feelings of resentment and anger in you are often very easy to handle. However, some people with depression often fall into a "defensive" state and do not solve these problems, even if they are capable to.

For example, your home does not have enough electric sockets for everyone. You often feel frustrated when someone pulls your device out of the socket for use. This stress can be solved by using multi-outlets, or similar solutions. It’s quite sad that depressed people often delay solving these problems (and complain about them), rather than trying to solve them.


2. Using sleep to improve the situation before taking action

Insomnia is one of the worst symptoms of depression. However, people often use sleep as a way to solve problems as your mood starts to improve. So, even if you are tired and grumpy at that time, you should start solving your own problems. If you go to bed immediately before trying solving these problems, everything will stay still in place.


3. Seeing drugs as the best method to solve everything

Some people with depression often depend on drugs, but there are other ways to improve your mood, such as meditation. Of course it can not solve all of your thoughts and behaviors related to depression, but it truly works it most cases. For example, if you tend to think thoroughly about your pain, psychological solutions that help you cope with it will be more appropriate.

Try to draw a pie chart and predict how much meditation has helped you cure depression. Add to this circle other measures that also help you to laugh more, change your mind, solve the problem yourself. Your chart will not be the same because everyone's treatment for depression is different. Once you have completed the elements in the pie chart, you will realize that meditation is only a small part of a larger picture.


4. Counting too much on other people’s help

People with depression often struggle with the disease before they seek help, and sometimes they may not realize they are depressed. Sometimes, however, people with depression are too dependent on others when their moods are bad, for example frequently asking for opinions when making decisions. With the same people, they may refuse to seek help in this matter, but are too dependent on others in other matters.

When a person becomes depressed, they may become angry, resentful, and have problems in relationships. This is most expressed when a person with depression frequently gets help from the same person, or for the same problem.


5. Frequently postponing your life and personal intentions

People often feel their brain is blurry and difficult to focus on anything when they are depressed. So, it’s easy to understand when these people give up or delay the plans that they are making until they feel better.

When you are depressed, it's a good idea to let yourself relax. However, this does not mean that you should stop all the hard work out there. If you do this, you may accidentally make yourself separate from life and lose your confidence and energy. Do not be too harsh on yourself, but you should also understand that feeling happy and making yourself feel self-reliant are extremely important for mood recovery and curing depression.





By: James Paquin

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