Are introverts quiet or timid?

According to recent reports, about 50% of the world's population and 40% of the leaders are introverts. However, not everyone can fully understand the world of introverted people.

Introverts’ characteristics 

Human beings personality is classified into extroversion and introversion. 

What are the characteristics of introverted people? 

Think a lot but rarely share 

Introverts rarely talk and share, because they spend most of their time thinking. All thoughts are like a stream, seamless and continuous. 


Not appear in too crowded places 

Not because they are afraid to communicate, they just feel unsafe in an overcrowded environment. Instead of having big meetings, they prefer to chat and work with small groups of two to three people. Introverts are good at personal work, but when they need to work in group, they can collaborate with people around them. 

Be sensitive to noise 

The introverts fear the deafening music sound in bars or the loud talk in the office. Introverted people prefer to stay in quiet places so that they can be free in their own world. 

Like reading or listening to music 

If they can choose between going out for big noisy parties and staying at home and lying on the bed listening to some music, they will choose the later. Especially in rainy days, they love to sit by the bedroom window and enjoy the cold air with some lyrical music. 

Prefer texting to making a phone call 

When they refuse the call, sometimes it's not because they are busy, they just do not want to hear the phone. Introverts like to exchange messages. Phone calls make them nervous, or sometimes they do not know what to say. 

Feeling lost in the crowds 

At times, introverts cannot enter the story of the people around them. Mostly, when they are relaxed, they quickly back to their own thoughts and worlds, despite the turbulence of the outside world. 

Like sitting by the window 

Whether by a window in a room or at a coffee shop, a cafeteria, a train, a plane ... all are their favorite places. When sitting by the window, they will easily see the line of people passing the road or the clouds in the sky. In a magical way, the window makes introverted people relaxed. 

Introversion and timidity 


Introversion is a personality whereas communication is a skill. Because they rarely communicate and tend to prefer staying alone, it is often supposed that the introverts are timid and shy. However, when necessary, they become more confident than ever. In other words, introverts are not necessarily less communicative, they just do not communicate often. Many introverted people possess outstanding communication skill. 

By: Christina Baker

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