5 interesting customs to welcome new year in the world

People in each country have their own ways to wish for money, luck and happiness in the early days of the year.

1. Spain - Eat 12 grapes on New Year's Eve


Spanish people have the habit of eating a grape on New Year's Eve to pray for 12 months of happiness. The origins of this practice which began in 1909, when the country was bountiful and the king decided to give the remaining grapes to the people to welcome the new year.

Today, it is thought that those who can eat all 12 grapes on New Year's Eve will have a happy new year.

2. Brazil - Offer sacrifice to the goddess of the Sea

In the midst of New Year’s Eve, Brazilians traditionally throw white flowers into the ocean to offer sacrifice to the goddess of the Sea - Yemanja. Every year, thousands of people follow this tradition with the hope that the Goddess of the Sea will bring lucky and happiness to them in the new year.

Brazilians traditionally throw white flowers down the top waves to sacrifice Yemanja sea goddess. In addition, they can throw other female-specific items such as perfume, jewelry and lipstick in small wooden boats.

3. Denmark - Break plates


If you are planning to remove the old plates in your cupboard, this is the way the Danish do. On New Year's Eve, they will throw old plates at the door of their neighbors, and friends.

In Denmark, it is believed that more plates are broken outside the door on the first morning of the year, the owner will have more good friends, and good fortune in the new year. Although today, a few people do this, but anyway it is quite interesting.

4. Scotland -  Invite a handsome guy to be the first New Year’s caller

With a view to having a lucky New Year, the Scottish people will find ways to invite handsome boys to make the first guest set foot in their home in the first days of the new year.

Scottish customs show that the first person to enter the New Year will decide the fortune of the landlord in the next 12 months. Handsome young men are considered to bring the greatest luck, even more fortunate if they bring the whiskey as a gift to the owner.

5. Ecuador - Burn the scarecrow

On New Year's Eve, families in Ecuador will gather outside the house and burn a straw puppet together. It is possible for many people to burn a scarecrow expressing anger, fear or some kind of dark magic, but in Ecuador, it is believed that the destruction of bad ‘things’ during the past 12 months and threatening the evils will bring good fortune and joy in the new year.

Each family will make their own self-made scarecrow and burn outside their homes.

By: Samanthan Lane

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