8 signs of an intelligent newborn

Check with your baby for signs of innate intelligent birth.

It seems that today's parents are becoming more and more concerned about how their children can be smart. All the books on child rearing, symphonic stimulation, smart games, vitamin supplements and DHA-fortified milk... are advertised daily on television and internet, but still attract a large number of interested parents and order immediately. 


In fact, you do not have to worry too much about your child's intelligence. Infants are born with a degree of intelligence that is sufficient for them to live and grow, to demand and meet their own needs. Adults sometimes simply do not understand how smart infants are. 

If your kid has the signs below, he or she is likely to be smart later: 

  1. Being extremely active, always looking around everything. 
  2. Sleeping time is less than usual. The newborns usually sleep between 14 and 18 hours a day, but this rule does not apply to kids with high IQ.
  3. Being usually very active and almost constantly needing stimulation when they wake up  
  4. Can mimic sounds earlier than other babies. 
  5. Tending to be particularly sensitive to sounds, smells, shapes, and often cry out loud when they are uncomfortable, such as hearing strange music, smelling strange odors, etc.  
  6. Can speak slowly but say a clear sentence which is always spoken. 
  7. Preferring to play toys early and also loving to play against them. 
  8. Having shown great interest in letters and numbers at the age of 9 to 24 months 


The smart kids do not necessarily have all the "signs" above. However, the research indicates that the smart kids have more than one or several signs. 

The most obvious sign is the extreme hyperactivity of the kid. Meanwhile, the baby crying loud and much because of sensitivity to the taste, the sound can sometimes be confusing. The mother often thinks her baby is “tameless” or is suffering from a disease. 




According to a survey, when giving children at the age from 9-12 months to look at objects in a certain time, the intelligent kid will easily see and turn away to other things than normal one. And when given the choice between a familiar toy and a new one, they will tend to hold strange toys. 


The interesting fact from this survey is that smart kids often need new information to get through and quickly get bored with old information that is repeated day by day. The need to learn from the baby is one of the important factors to help children clever and intelligent later.  

By: Roxana Edwards

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