7 useful websites for modern women

From health care, beauty to the secret of green living, these following websites are a useful life guide for modern women.


As the name implies, Mindbodygreen is designed to provide information for women, from physical health to spiritual life, including of course the guide to build a sustainable green lifestyle. In addition, the website offers online courses and training programs led by professionals from around the world. If you are looking for a website that will help you develop your thinking and personal image, Mindbodygreen is a perfect choice.



Darling Magazine is created to reaffirm the value of women. Darling is striving to develop a wealth of content and become a source of inspiration for women anytime they need it. Inspired by strong and fierce women such as Meghan Markle, Joanna Gaines and Rupi Kaur, Darling is a means of helping women feel valued and influential.



Launched in 2012, Chalkboard is the right online magazine for those who are interested in health or beauty treatments with natural and nutritious recipes. The site was created by a team of Pressed Juicery’s researchers, who skillfully combine the in-depth knowledge of nutrition experts and advice from insiders. This magazine lets you record most of what you need for modern life.



Create & Cultivate's mission is to help women nurture their dreams and develop their careers. The women behind this website will give you full advice on interviews, startups, business and know-how in the workplace. If these sites above are psychological experts to help you live a happier life, then Create & Cultivate will be your partner on the way to realize your dream.



When The Cut was first introduced many years ago, it was an online publication for women with style and confidence. Today, The Cut has evolved into a leading news source in the political arena, the hottest current events and discussions on interesting topics. The Cut has all the elements that a modern woman needs: knowledge, health, beauty and lifestyle.



Understanding the general psychology of women, The Everygirl offers a lot of interesting colors, especially in terms of career and finance. In addition to the must-have items on a women's website, The Everygirl also teach you many helpful financial management as well as travel tips. If you want to be a smart woman in the way you spend your money, 5 minutes for The Everygirl is totally worth it.



Autostraddle, the owner of the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog, has changed the lives of LGBT women for nearly 10 years. The website represents a new perspective on gender equality and a strong voice that protects women of the third gender. Not just a news site, Autostraddle is a close friend who helps women feel they deserve to be respected and loved. Autostraddle also wants to direct women to the lofty beauty inside of the soul instead of some mediocre material value. In addition to building a dedicate website for the LGBT community, Autostraddle also organizes face-to-face meetings around the world to connect people with the same ideal of life.




By: Olivia Mendoza

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