7 things to remember before going hiking

Hiking does not only help you become more active, it is also a way to enjoy the perfect summer environment.

1. Start with small steps and take a break to regain strength

The ability to make hiking trips depends on your physical ability. It is best to evaluate your endurance to have a reasonable walk plan. Often, you should choose shorter distances than the path you normally walk. In addition, during hiking, set time to rest. Experts recommend that 10 minutes of rest is extremely necessary, especially if you choose hikes that last more than an hour.


2. Check the map in advance

Do not risk hiking freely without looking at the map first. That is a very bad idea. You will be more likely to get lost. It will be even more dangerous that no one will be able to help you if you choose to do hiking in a wilderness. Also, learn to read the map clearly and accurately. Knowing how to position yourself on the map is very important, because in places where hiking is not available, wifi is not available for you to use Google Map.


3. Pack necessary and compact items

Many people often put everything in their backpacks when hiking, from sunscreen to emergency first aid kit. But according to experts, what you need the most is water and food. This is perfectly reasonable, because when you go on the road you already use sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, climbing shoes, and map on your hands. So if you carry too many unneeded supplies, there will be no room for food and water - two more important things. Take out unnecessary items and give priority to water and food. They will be more useful and suitable.


4. Choose your food wisely

Snacks are one of the things that help you maintain energy most effectively during a hiking trip. The food you need to bring should include dried nuts, fruits and vegetables, candies that provide energy. Just make sure your body is getting enough energy, always.


5. Inform someone about your hike

Self-guided hiking can be a spiritual therapy, as spending time alone to discover a mountain can detoxify your mind. However, remember to tell your friend or a family member about this intention, in case you need emergency help. It may not be necessary if you have traveled too many times in the past, but in any case, your friends or relatives should know where you are going and when you will return home. If bad things happen, they can get out quickly and help you sooner.


6. Rehydration is an important key

For any physical activity, adequate watering is important to keep your body in optimum condition. The amount of water needed for a hiking trip depends on your physical ability, difficulty level of the trip, travel distance, weather, sweat rate, and body condition. Usually, you will need about half a liter of water for one hour of physical activity under normal temperature conditions.


7. Put on suitable clothes

Clothing is also an important factor to make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the trip. According to Reader's Digest, hiking clothing should consist of synthetic fabric that absorbs water and sweat (avoid cotton), nylon pads under your socks to avoid irritation and sneakers that are suitable for climbing.


By: Dinah Gutierrez

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