7 signs showing that your cat loves you

If your cat brings home a dead mouse, do not scold because he loves you so much.

Have you ever wondered if your cat really loves you? Cats show their love via many different behaviors, some are easily understood by human, but some are very ‘cat’. If you are crazy about cats, you should learn their language. Let’s check if your cat does these following things! 

1. Bringing you ‘surprize’ gifts 


Do you see that your cat often brings home horrible things like dead mice or birds or frogs or any other poor animals that he can kill with those claws, but he doesn’t eat? Your cat does not mean to freak you out but showing great care to you just like mother cats bring preys to their kittens. He thinks that you cannot hunt mice, and so he gives you some in order to feed you. Therefore, never scold him though you cannot even touch his ‘gifts’. 

2. Showing you his tummy 


The weakest part on cats’ body is their bellies which they never show to anyone they do not trust. But if your cat does this to you, and he even likes you to scrub his belly, this means he feels totally comfortable when you are near.

3. Slightly bitting you


When your kitty bites you slightly, he is just trying to get your attention. Sometimes it is kind of hurt if he is too playful, but don’t get angry with him. Cats can suddenly break things in the house, it is also a way to make you pay more attention to them. 

4. Walking around your legs


It is quite annoying when you are in a hurry but your cat keeps running around your legs and slows you down. In fact, he is trying to follow you. If your cat loves you, he wants to be with you and feels unsecured when you are away. 

5. Massaging


When cats are young, they always massage their mothers’ boobies when being breastfed. So if he massages you with his front paws, he feels relaxed and sees you as his mama.  

6. Purring


Almost every cat lover knows that when a cat purrs, he is completely relaxed. So if your cat purrs whenever you are near to him or when you cuddle him, it means he is enjoying it. Meanwhile, if he keeps meowing to you and gives you a slight blink, you know that you are his world.

7. Scrubbing his head and body to you


This act has two meanings: your cat wants to show his love to you, and leaves his smell on you. This is a way to mark you as his own master, warning other pets not to get close to you.

By: Chris Stewart

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