These 7 love signs show that he is serious

Dating is one of the great stages in love. But dating does not always mean that he wants a serious and lasting relationship.

1. He is happy when you associate with his friends

When you accidentally meet him and his friends on the street, if he introduces you as a friend, or worse, he ignores you, then this is not the right man for you. But if he seriously introduces you proudly that you are his girlfriend, and he wants to make sure everyone knows it, then this is a sign of the long-term love that he wants to inform the whole world.


2. He always has a real plan

He's always been the starter and can plan for dates, take you to a nice restaurant, visit art galleries, go to a movie theater or something like that. The places he brings you to will create new topics to help both of you be together and understand each other more through conversations... You know he put a lot of effort on your dates. It is a serious expression of this relationship.


3. He shows jealousy

We do not talk about insane jealousy, we just talk about his cute jealous expressions like not wanting you to look at other guys or show interest about them. Jealousy is normal and this is a typical love sign so you could see your man want you to be his own.


4. He cares about your interests

If that man is willing to follow you to go shopping, do not be afraid to go out with your friends or agree to work together, you know that this is your biggest fan, who puts your interests above his and always try to spend more time doing what you like.


5. He gives you surprises

A man who is truly in love will always give the woman he loves unexpected things without any reason at all. He will give you a chocolate bar, a bouquet of roses, or maybe a piece of music even if it is not your birthday, just because he wants to see your smile. That sure is a sincere love sign that he's giving you.


6. He expresses every emotion when he is with you

Men are just like women, they all carry a lot of emotions, just with different expressions. Facing other people, men always tend to show off their manliness and cover up all their emotions. And if a guy dares to show his true self in front of you and allows you to see his weak side, then the guy is serious about you as well as you two's relationship.


7. He plans for the future

A decent man often thinks about the future, wants to dream about a house and the kids, and especially wants you to be with him to make this beautiful dream come true. It is a sure sign of love that this man is extremely serious and desires to hold your hand to the end of the path of happiness.




By: Anna Bennett

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