7 common reasons that you fail to date

Many people feel depressed, wonder why they are still single and even abandon the search for love without knowing that the cause may come from themselves.

Here are the bad habits that you should fix to perfect yourself as well as welcome to a new love.

Making an appointment by reciting the past of love


Never talk about beautiful memories with ex-lover or bad talk about him or her at the first appointment because it will create a bad mood for the appointment. Doing this means expressing to the enemy that you really can’t forget your ex-lover. He or she will not be interested in knowing you can’t get rid of the thoughts about the old lover.

Always staring at mobile phones


You may be very anxious on the first date so keep staring at the phone when there is nothing to look at. But psychologists recommend stopping it and try to get attention. Otherwise, the phone may be the cause of the failed meeting.

Talking and thinking negatively


Negative is what keeps others away from you, especially when dating. No one wants to be with someone who is always lacking in energy, just to appear as if to 'drain' the vitality of the people around. Learn to live optimistically and you will realize a great difference in yourself as well as in the affair.

Canceling the same meeting multiple times

This action shows that you do not respect the other person as well as the time they spend with you. This habit is very harmful and may be the reason you missed true love - there are chances of not coming twice.

Being influenced by virtual lifestyle

Movies and social networking push young people into virtual lifestyles from beautiful images, stories or movies, the Internet... things that are not real in life that often shimmering. From then, they keep looking for a picture not real.

Or it is easy to be disappointed when the images are not beautiful in real life. The more they close themselves until the youth are no longer, the fewer opportunities to choose from.

Being lazy to communicate


Because you are lazy to communicate. Maybe it's because you do not enjoy the fun of a large group of people. You gradually detach yourself out of the collective. When you want to re-enter, you feel so difficult. Finally, the conclusion is because you live inside and not in the crowd.

That is why you are lonely forever. No one else has to integrate in order to change. The offline, exchange or just coffee meetings with the collective colleagues maybe make your life richer and funnier.

Making the meeting an interview

One of the common mistakes of dating is turning it into an interview or interrogation. When you include a series of questions (possibly about family, work, etc.) during the date, feeling like you are interrogating the other - is rather impolite and creates tension.

By: Judith Edwards

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