6 ways to get you excited at work again

When you feel that your motivation at work is about to run out, try these following methods.

1. Make sure you have a private time for yourself

It's just a simple task, but sometimes, finding a way to connect with the energy inside you is extremely necessary. Try to slow down by participating in outdoor sports or staying away from social networking for a few days. You may feel refreshed after a long time alone.

Or, you can just relax. When you feel exhausted, this is a sign that you need a break to restore mental health. If you find yourself forgetting little things, or not having enough time to do your homework, consider taking time out for a break!


2. Write journey diary every day

Diary writing can help your mind become more relaxed and free, and it also helps you keep track of your work schedule and focus on important goals. You can write in your diary three things that make you the most grateful every day. Focus on what works best for your life!

Besides, sometimes, it is because you are trapped in negative thoughts that your mood is down. Diary writing helps you keep track of your thoughts to replace negative ones with positive, practical thoughts.


3. Go into the forest

You can try going to the forest, strolling in the park or around the neighborhood. It is sufficient that you allow yourself to be in a certain time wandering on the grass, or playing in the sunlight. Being in touch with nature will help you connect with your inner self and get back to your original excitement. Remember that hanging out with nature often has been scientifically proven to help you improve your health significantly.


4. Try to do something new, even if it’s just a small one

Actually, you can try to do anything. Read a book instead of lying on the sofa and watching a movie all day will help. Take the time to do things you always want to try but do not have the time, such as painting.

According to psychologist David Bennet, studies have shown that time seems to drift faster and fade away if you keep your old habits. One way to get out of this is to experience more. To get rid of boring and negative lifestyles, it is best to let yourself try new things. Actually, you just need to change your appetite, for example. Let's start with the little things, and they will make a big impact.


5. Spend 5 minutes in a dark room

It may seem strange at first, but this method will help you relax, your mind will become softer, and really eliminate the worries or thoughts that prevent you from getting back to working.

After spending 5 minutes sitting in a dark room, take another 5 minutes to write down your thoughts. When your mind is tired, you easily become a prey to negative thoughts. And if you do not quickly remove those thoughts, surely your inspiration will not reappear.


6. Call a friend

As in many shows, this is a great way to get back on the job, and it can also change your perspective on a problem. Call a friend, chat or ask about your current job. When you hear positive things from others, you will be strengthened to return to the original excitement immediately.



By: Roxana Edwards

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