6 secrets for boosting your self-confidence right now

No one knows where confidence comes from. But whether confidence is a natural factor or not, anyone can gain it.

If one day you suddenly stare blankly at your desk and recall what you did. But instead of self-praise, you compare the accomplishments of yourself to others’. This is a manifestation of your overwhelming self-consciousness.

Not only are all unnecessary comparisons bad for your psychology but they also cause your work to be suddenly interrupted. Stop it and start building confidence in 6 ways:

  1. Step out

Sun light can actually make your day less gloomy, do not waste a beautiful day without going out.


According to a study by Environmental Science and Technology, spending about five minutes outdoors can boost self-esteem. These activities can be a stroll around the building or a bike ride across the street.

  1. Stop looking down on yourself

According to psychologist Joel Ingersoll, "It is a great way to improve your self-confidence by keeping our head up. We are trapped in self-criticism, have the positive thinking and your psychology will be also improved.

Remember that pride in your accomplishment is completely different from arrogance. We sometimes remember the lesson of arrogance and live self-consciously. Be honest about what you do, let people know and they will remember you when needed.

  1. Stand with a powerful posture


The posture of the body also has a great impact on human psychology. According to Oprah.com, having a powerful posture can increase your confidence level by up to 40%. Remember this when you are in bad mood to gain motivation again.

  1. Be more decisive when talking


Not only should you have a powerful posture but also a powerful voice. Don’t add excess sounds like "uh" and "ah", keep your average and stable tone because you do not need to speak fast. Of course, this is a difficult skill to achieve in a day or two, but keep practicing, the decisiveness in the voice is also the decisiveness in thought.

  1. Make a list of yourself

Psychology Today advised you to make three different lists of yourself. In the first list, list your strengths, the second list is the achievements you have made and the third list is what you are proud of yourself.


Believe that the list above will not be empty, if it is difficult, please ask your close friends for help. After making three lists, keep them with you and do not forget to add them if you can.

  1. Smile a lot

Laughter is the best medicine. According to SheKnows.com, even if you do not want to laugh. Laughter acts as a switch that releases positive emotions and spreads energy to the people around them.


If you are feeling sad or self-conscious, then try the tips above. Confidence can be gained with extremely simple tactics.

By: Christina Baker

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