6 most basic mistakes in shopping of housewives

Most people often make mistakes in shopping, especially the women, but the basic mistakes should not to be missed.

Shopping as you like, not on demand


This is a common mistake of consumers, especially women. If you are better off then there is nothing to worry about. But if you can’t afford the item because of your liking (rather than it’s really necessary) that you still want to buy it, you will always be the only child who needs a supervisor.

Don’t check the bill


It is careless to not have the habit of checking your bill. Do not think that when you go to the luxury place there will be no fraud or mistake, this can happen anywhere and with anyone. When the invoice has been paid and it is too late to find out the mistake. Usually, you can’t hold back the bill after payment, you even throw away the bill or there is no bill.

Buying the wrong products


Most people find it difficult to limit the amount of products we buy at the supermarket. However, nothing is impossible when actually embarking on choosing healthy products.

If you can’t resist the filling of snacks, try to shop in the vegetable area first. Fruits and vegetables will occupy more space in the basket, so there will not be much space left for you to pick up some foods that are not good for your health.

Don’t update the regular price of products


Try to remember or even write down the price of the products that you regularly buy. Knowing their price is important, it is a way to help you not be "tricked" by the price tags but in fact they were raised and then raised to sell-off. For the next time you go to the shopping mall, you will be able to save money and make good use of genuine discount offers.

Don’t list items you need to buy


This is not only related to the shopping list but also to your family's meal plan for next week. Before every meal from Monday to Friday you will always know what products are needed to prepare the food. By listing items, the food you need to buy will help you avoid missing items for your food as well as minimize the purchase of items in vain.

Marketing tricks


Vegetable oil provides “vitamin E” or "salt” doesn’t contain GMO. All these advertising marketing tricks have a very good effect on sales but before buying any "exclusive" product, ask yourself if the products are really special?

Vitamin E is found in sunflower seeds, so it will certainly also be found in sunflower oil. Additionally, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) - a genetically modified organism can be found in foods of plant or animal origin (so this does not include salt).

Ignoring the advice


Financial advice is essential, whether small or big items. The tips are sometimes just what you hear, not useful at this time but helpful at other times. Or sometimes, you hesitate before the items, you also need to seek advice and depending on their purpose, you will know what product to choose. These mistakes are very small, so it is basic and popular. Think about whether it is true that you make mistakes and also cause no harm in time for yourself.

By: Relly Jonas

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