6 common bad habits on weekends

The most popular habit of many people on weekends is to oversleep to compensate for busy weekdays. However, this is a very bad habit.


According to ‘The Health Site’, many people take advantage of their day off to sleep. However, this can affect negatively the biological clock, which makes you more tired and have difficulty returning to your normal sleep schedule for the next days. It also ruins your daily exercise regimen, which increases your stress levels, and reducing blood circulation.

Sleeping habits on weekends will affect negatively your biological clock, which makes you find hard to resume your normal sleep schedules. Photo: Telegraph.

Unhealthy eating habits

Most people follow a healthy diet during the week, but eat and drink freely during the weekends. Consuming junk food, fast food, excessive alcohol consumption are a bad habit that can affect negatively the digestive system because it has to absorb the sudden increase in calories. This leads to weight gain, obesity and many serious health problems.

Be addicted to technology equipment


Being ‘attached’ to technology equipment can lead to many health problems, which reduces concentration and productivity, sleep and stress. So, you should stay away from technology equipment, and take a break to help reduce stress and maximize the benefits of relaxing at the weekend.

Work on weekends

Many people have a habit of taking advantage of work breaks for the next week. This is the worst habit you ever do because the weekend is a relaxing time for you to recharge your energy. Therefore, you should avoid working during holidays. This will help you work more effectively for the following days.

Do all the housework on day off

Spending the majority of the weekend time doing the housework will make you feel exhausted and tired, which leads to an imbalance between work and life.

Instead of planning to do dozens of chores in the house during the holidays, it's a good idea to spend about 30 minutes each night washing, shopping, or cleaning your home. Let yourself participate in interesting and rewarding activities on weekends.

Exercise too much

Many people are busy with work during weekdays, they do not have enough time to exercise every day, so that they spend the time on weekends to practice and exercise. However, after a week of non-exercising, doing exercising too much at the weekend can cause severe muscle aches, even affecting negatively many other organs in the body.

The advice of the experts is that if the weekend is really the only option for exercising, you should only ‘pour’ a little bit of sweat, which means that you do exercise with moderate exercise time and intensity.

By: Alan Smith

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