6 bad habits in the morning that are harmful to your health

Drinking tea and coffee, not brushing your teeth, eating too little or going barefoot are common habits in the morning that are harmful to people’s health.

Turn off the alarm

When you turn off the alarm and continue sleeping, you reduce the quality of your sleep and ruin your exercise routine in the morning, according to Boldsky. This can make you feel more tired, have no time to eat breakfast, exercise, or even be late for work.

Use your phone, and check emails

You should not check your phone, or emails as soon as you open your eyes in the morning because this makes you feel stressed out. Instead of checking emails or using your mobile phone, you should spend some time relaxing in the morning to strengthen your health before starting a hard day's work.

Drink coffee and tea

You should consume alkaline foods to balance the nutrition, because the stomach contains more acid in the morning. Meanwhile, drinking tea or coffee will increase acid in the stomach, which creates excess energy. This also makes you become irritable.

Drinking tea and coffee as soon as you wake up will add acid into your stomach, which causes you to become irritable. Photo: Boldsky.

Not eat breakfast or eat too little

After a good night's sleep, the nutrients in the body have been consumed completely. If you do not eat breakfast, blood sugar continues to decrease, which leads to hypoglycemia, and the shortage of brain’s energy. This makes you feel tired. So you should spend at least 15 minutes each morning to supplement your body with enough energy for a new day.

In addition, eating too little in the morning also negatively affect your health. This irritates the stomach but does not get enough food. This makes you feel hungry faster, which leads to overeating at lunch. This is not good for your stomach as well as your body shape.

To keep the stomach healthy, it is good to drink plenty of water and eat breakfast 30 minutes later. You should sit down, and eat breakfast before going to work.

Walk barefoot


Many people have the habit of go barefoot on the floor as soon as they get down the bed. This is not good for your health. In the morning, feet are not adapted to the outside temperature, so going barefoot on the floor makes your foot are prone to cold, and get abdominal pain, and arthritis.

Not brush your teeth

After a long sleep, the oral cavity contains a lot of plaque, which combines with calcium and salt in saliva to form stains containing many bacteria. Brushing the teeth will prevent the bacteria from multiplying and developing that can cause dangerous dental diseases. Dentists recommend that people should brush their teeth before breakfast for about 30 minutes.

By: Samanthan Lane

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