5 ways to control hesitation and regret

When you face an important decision, how to become more assertive without regretting the results later?

Any one of us could hesitate before important decisions. "A miss is as good as a mile", that’s what we fear that makes us hesitant and indecisive. Although we can not control everything, the suggestions below will help to minimize the risk.

Imagine all the possible risks

Standing in front of a choice, you should spend time thinking about unfavorable situations and figuring out how to deal with them. For example, when you stand before the choice of whether to give up the current job or not, you should consider what you will gain and lose with this decision. If you change jobs, you may find new opportunities, new inspirations. On the other hand, if work does not go smoothly, you will have to start over again and the tradeoff is time. So how do you choose?

Similar to other problems, draw a bad script and put yourself in that situation. In this way, you will know what is the right step.


Evaluate each option objectively and comprehensively

The cause of regret after every decision is that you had not fully assessed the aspects of the problem. Instead of just looking at some of the benefits or disadvantages, list more detailed and probable possibilities in each case. Accordingly, you will have a basis for making a decision. If you fail, you will not torment yourself for not thinking carefully.

Whatever the outcome, remember that it is the best option for you at that time. You know that at least you are careful and that is not a hasty decision.


Be confident with your decision

Coming back to the example of job change, you can be influenced by other opinions of friends, family or colleagues. They will think it is a risky and crazy decision. However, you know what is really good for you. Once you have carefully analyzed, evaluated as above, make the decision that you think is right and do not regret anything.

You can say positive things to yourself to get more motivation. The confidence will help you work better and stop hesitating.


Learn to accept

Life does not always follow the path you set. Therefore, you should not regret and blame yourself for what has happened. If everything is not what you want, learn to accept it and see it as a lesson. If you do not take the risk, how do you know it's good for you? Do not be shy, be afraid, just stumble and grow.


When you regret, remember the beginning

The feeling of regret will help you recognize what needs fixing. But if you are too immersed in it, you will easily become discouraged and gradually become shy in the later decisions. When you feel regret, remember why you chose this at first. There is no such thing as “sure”, we are all on the way to finding the answer for ourselves. So taking the opportunity will be more important than sitting there complaining and regretting about what has passed.




By: Anna Bennett

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