5 scientific ways to raise your daughter into an intellectual girl

Whether you start teaching babies in the newborn or toddler stages, the five science approaches below will help you raise your daughter's intellectual level.

We all want the best things for our daughter. When babies were born, we envisioned a whole life for them - learning to dance, learning to drive, dating, etc. In the early years of your daughter's life, she is totally dependent on us – her parents and she will develop into a beautiful and talented woman depending on how we teach her.


It all starts with little things. Whether you start teaching your baby during neonatal or toddler periods, the five scientific approaches below will help you raise your daughter's intellectual level.

1. Reading books to your children


Books are the greatest teaching tool in the world. When you read aloud to your daughter, her reading and listening skills improve dramatically. Most importantly, it will help build confidence. The stories will bring them to the world they have never been to. Reading to your babies will be the moment that they will cherish forever.

2. Embracing your babies


In a recent study by the Nationwide Children's Hospital, showing that embracing newborn babies significantly improves brain development. In particular, it helps them develop positive emotional responses of the brain. Even when hugging, you can help your child deal with negative emotions.

3. Let your daughter play and have fun


Imagination is perhaps one of the most important parts of childhood. And though imagination has nothing to do with math and science, it makes the child creative and develops their right brain.

Let your daughter play with her toys and friends, allowing her the freedom to enjoy their childhood. Those moments will help her to truly mature and become an intellectual woman.

4. Having a healthy diet


Healthy foods help boost calcium in bone, omega 3, and the rest of the immune system. Beginning at an early age, let your daughter develop healthy habits in her life and that will go along for the rest of her life.

5. Being a mirror


You are the mother of the baby. She looks at you and learns from you. She is always watching you, even if you do not think so. Be the woman you want her to be and she will follow your lead. Moreover, stay there when she needs you. She always appreciates your advice, even if she does not really want it.

Your daughter is probably the most important person in your life. What you can do for her is trying to nurture her into a smart and kind person. It may start at an early age and it is never too late to start raising a child as an intellectual girl.

By: Oralie Smith

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