5 must-do things when you are single again

Many will feel lost and alone when they become single again. Be strong and follow these advices!

1. Take your backpack and go


Single is a new beginning and you know, life always requires new beginning to gain more. For some reason, God sees some things in the future and wants to change your present life a bit. Sure, sometimes this can make you scared and sad, but once you feel it, you will begin seeing it as a necessity. 

Solo travel is not as boring as you may think. On the contrary, this is very necessary. No matter at what stage in life, you should have at least one solo trip in life. Nothing better than a wandering trip can bring you peace after all of the troubling things. You will not want to stop moving, looking and experiencing more things. 

2. Seek for inspiration from strong women


In single life, you need to make yourself a strong girl. We are fortunately living in an age where feminism is increasingly important. Read a story about the women leading the feminist movements every day.

You can watch Meryl's movies, listen to songs like Call Your Girlfriend, or read a book by comedian Amy Poehler (Yes Please). There are so many powerful women in this world from whom you can see your own strength and inspiration.

3. Go to a café


For some people, coffee shop is the best place to relax. That is why we tend to be dressed, choose a beautiful coffee shop and carry a laptop, and sip a cup of hot capucchino instead of just lying at home. You can also bring a book or a collection of poetry for reading and see people crossing while enjoying the aroma of coffee in the restaurant.

4. Hang out with friends one a week


Gathering together is very important, especially when you just become single again. It is the easiest way to release your sadness and loneliness. Family, relatives and close friends are always great choices. Whether you have a jubilant weekend in the city, or simply a lazy night watching movies and eating popcorn, have your friends by your side, everything will be fine.

5. Take a break


If you are tired, spend at least a day doing nothing, just spend time with yourself and do whatever you want. You can spend the afternoon in the foam bath with your favorite book, or go to the gym to exercise a little. Single gives you time to take yourself as the top priority. Therefore, there is nothing more wonderful than taking care of yourself.

By: Christina Baker

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