5 excuses that prevent you from fully enjoying your youth

Are you feeling bored in the best time in your life? Maybe these following excuses are preventing you from enjoying your youth.

1. I have no time

Now, you are looking at your schedule and wondering when you have enough time to pursue what you want. During the week you have to go to work, while your weekend is filled with coffee appointments and friends. Even if you want to travel, you do not know when you will have time to do it.

But the truth is that you have more time than you think. The truth is, you are wasting and using it incorrectly. Just learn to refuse activities or plans you do not want to involve and put yourself first. Even getting rid of cyberspace on social networks also saves quite a bit of your time!


2. I have nothing to wear

Open your closet and look again! Of course you will feel bored with your casual outfits. But besides that, you still have the accessories needed to mix-match and create a new look for yourself. Or you can borrow your roommate a dress and find a new style. In one way or another, your closet is definitely giving you countless choices.

And you only use this excuse when you are feeling lazy or stressful. This is understandable. But just take a deep breath, then reopen your closet with a more comfortable mind. You will find yourself a beautiful outfit right now.


3. I don’t want to do it all by myself

In your 20s, you will learn that there are so many exciting things going on when you're alone. At first, you may feel lonely and uncomfortable. But after a while you will get used to this and do not need the excuse anymore.

You should also remember that your friends or family are also busy and do not always have time for you. So, learn to do it yourself and do everything with your strength. Life will be less boring when you do not have to wait for someone to show up and help you out.


4. I don’t have money

Maybe you just get your first job, or you are trying to come up with a plan. There are many other problems that make you worry, so saving money is important, especially if you are looking for setting down. But do not use this excuse to prevent yourself from living a wonderful life.

Of course, you cannot always let yourself loose in spending. There are also days when you need to be rigorous with your pocket to be able to pay the bills at the end of the month. However, if you can determine where your cash comes from and what it is used for, you can be more comfortable with spending your own money. Maybe you will realize that forgetting the coffee habit every morning is enough for you to pay for a trip with friends.


5. I’m too tired

Tiredness is undoubtedly the most common reason for most of your rejections. You often use this excuse to refuse a Saturday night appointment and then get to your bed. The truth is that you are just feeling lazy, right? Unfortunately, after realizing the fun has passed, you can only blame yourself for missing it.

In times like these, if you really do not have any vacancies in the timetable, take a break and relax. But if you are thinking of a warmer bed that looks more interesting, think again. The world out there is more interesting and also beautiful memories are waiting for you to make. Instead find an excuse, just go to bed early to recharge your energy for the great events that will take place.


By: Quinn Abrams

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