5 amazing reasons to start talking to your cats

The connection between you and this lovely friend will be significantly improved when you start talking to your cats, today.

1. You will strengthened your cohesion

Do you notice that in our busy days with work, family, when we have almost no time to take care of these lovely friends, they will immediately look at you? As a cat owner, I understand your feelings very well. After we finish everything, what we usually do is find them and hug them in our arms. However, contrary to the warmth from our side, the cats will coldly look away, some even walk away and abandon us. Why is that?

First of all, this is the act that show these cats' anger, but most importantly, it is because they feel alienated from their owners. Unlike most other pets, cats need love every day and if you do not continually "send love" to them, they will feel abandoned and lose their affection for us. Therefore, talking with cats is a way to express our feelings to them, and also the opportunity for them to express their feelings for us.


2. You will understand the language of the cats

Just as cats look at body language or face expression to judge the situation, we will also be able to understand their language through a familiar "meow" call. In fact, cats can only pronounce a single sound, but depending on the time and space you will understand what they need.

For example, when they are hungry, cats will make sounds that are like pleading and pleasing. When they want to be pet, this sound feels softer and quieter. Or when they are irritated, the sound becomes somewhat "scary". Based on their traits, you will easily understand the thoughts of your pets and of course, this is the intuition you only get once when talking with cats.


3. It is a chance to train your cats

Cats are often stubborn and hard to deal with, but if you are determined to "taming" them, you will still succeed. As mentioned above, talking with cats is a way for us to communicate as well as to establish a long-term bond between ourselves and cats. This is also the action that helps people easily "control" these lovely creatures.

When cats know they have made a terrible mistake, they will feel guilty and therefore your words will become more powerful. So in some cases, cats will quickly listen to our words instead of being stubborn as usual.


4. You may notice unusual changes

Talking to cats regularly also helps us to know when our friends are in a weak state. When cats are sick, they are often separated from human and are lazier than usual. Their voice also becomes weaker.

Once you have a constant interest in the cats, you will quickly identify when your cats need special support from the doctor.


5. You will feel less lonely

We often want to talk to someone whenever we feel sad or lonely. Instead of picking up the phone and chatting with our best friends, why do not we try talking to the cats?

Even if they do not understand and respond to your story, opening up to someone will still make you feel better. A great benefit of this action is that when you talk to cats, you also will not have to be afraid that they will reveal your "secrets".


By: Olivia Mendoza

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