5 advices for girls before graduating from college

College graduation might sound a little scary to many. So, these 9 helpful tips are for young people who are about to leave college.

Do not be so worried that your relationships will change

Your dream job or future plan is not necessarily already outlined. The experience you accumulate will direct you to the right path. You will not graduate from college with a perfect job right away.

Similarly, you will not be able to keep in touch with your college buddies, but do not worry, because they will always be behind you. Good friends will be with you, and you can still call them whenever you need them. So do not be too nervous if you cannot talk to them as often as you did.


Take time to experience more and find out what you really like

You should be aware that there are very few cases, and you should not expect too much or believe that things will be what you want in the first years after graduation. So, you can let yourself "wander" a bit before finding the job that you really like and will really pursue in the future. Instead, try new things, love someone and make more friends.

When you graduate, you will be dreaming of being in some company, and you have already prepared everything for the job. But in the end, you will realize that real life doesn’t work that way. However, another job might suit you better. So, relax. You do not know what the nature of the job is if you have not tried it yourself, so do not miss out on any opportunity. After graduation, find yourself a job, any job, and leave your dream job aside.


Do not be afraid of what you do not know

There is no fear like the fear of graduating from college. Obviously there are no final exams, no lectures, no essays or reports that can push you to the limits of fear like graduation. However, looking back, the road ahead that you face will encompass countless things you do not expect, and all those challenges will become part of your journey. They will make it up and become the most beautiful memory in life, so do not worry.


Don’t forget that you are a strong girl

Many young people often fall into a state of panic a year or two after college graduation, because they do not achieve the position they want, they wonder where their lives will go, why they cannot earn more money. Of course we cannot arrange everything. Remember that you are young and you have plenty of time to find a more suitable job.

Do not waste time worrying about time or age, because you have a long way to go, learn to find what you like and do not overlook the opportunity to change things you do not like. Your battle is just beginning. If you choose to follow a career that men dominate, obviously your path will be much more difficult. You will have to work hard to prove yourself and gain a solid position. Believe in yourself, you are much stronger than you think.


Your priorities will (and should) change

After graduating from college, you will be shocked that intense school subjects, extracurricular activities or similar things will not be present in your schedule, and you can easily feel that your life is quite empty. However, you will slowly learn to set a timetable that suits you. Not every day or every week, you have to spend time with friends, study, exercise, or any activity like college. Try to balance your life and schedule it right for you.

Also, get used to the fact that you do not have to do all the things at the same time. A blank schedule does not mean that your life is becoming useless. Use that space to take a break, and understand yourself better. Living in a lecture hall can make you feel like you are in a race to the finish, because of the intense schedule or countless deadlines. Once you get rid of it, you will learn how to manage time more effectively, and to prioritize things that are more important to your life without relying on others' evaluations.









By: Olivia Mendoza

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