4 tips for you to fit in with your work place

No matter how hard-working, how smart and how creative you are, you still need to learn how to live, not just working at the workplace.

When you are at work, the relationship between you and your colleagues plays an important role because most of time in your day is spent in the office. That is to say, having a good relationship with your colleagues and your bosses is what you truly need. These are some advices that might help! 

1. Control your friendliness 


You have to socialize with other people sharing the workplace with you. For example, you can talk freely with colleagues, become a member of some teams or take part in picnics, hangouts and meetings organized by your company. However, you should not share too much about your private life as well as your dissatisfaction you are experiencing with your boss in the office no matter how close you and your colleagues are. The words coming from you can be easily used as a weapon against you. On the contrary, if your colleagues confide same things to you, you should be neutral, just listen, do not judge or approve them. Also, you should not give any advices if your colleagues do not ask you. 


In short, you should control the level of friendliness and avoid bringing your personal problems to work as well as interfering too much in other people’s life.

2. Be a smart social network user 


You are using social network as a habit or just a means of entertainment? It's nice to be able to post things on your own social networking sites without having to worry about the attitudes of people around you. But if a colleague (especially when he or she doesn’t like you very much) reads your posts that unfold your dissatisfactions at work like a status complaining about someone in the company, then you can imagine what will happen to you. People can interpret your words in many ways that you do not expect. When things turn out badly, you cannot deny because they are all your own words, and your boss does not care if you are just a clumsy writer with no bad wills. Therefore, if your personal page is open to your co-workers’, then you should avoid posting negative lines related to your job. 

3. Know how to say "NO"  


You are energetic, enthusiastic, and you always want to help other people. Those plus points make you easy to be loved both in normal life and in the workplace. Nevertheless, you should control your enthusiasm at work. You can help people in right situations, but do not other people overuse your kindness or else you will have to work more than you officially have to without receiving any rewards. Say no directly and clearly if you do not have time or when you feel your co-workers are trying to take advantage of you. Refusing properly does not make you a mean person, but in fact, your colleagues will understand that they cannot violate the boundaries between you and them.

4. Join positive groups


In large companies, groups are usually set up for people to join if they share a common interest. But if a group tends to denigrate or attack other members of the company, then what you should do is to be level-headed, and do not be influenced by the crowd effect because the crowd is not always right. In this case, you can become isolated due to not participating in that group. However, do not worry too much about that because your main goal when you go to work is to have your job done well. Make sure that all of the assigned tasks are done well, so people will not have chance to criticize or speak ill of you. In luckier cases, if there are better groups in the company that you can join, do not hesitate to be a dynamic member as long as those groups are for positive purposes and contain good members.

By: Chris Stewart

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