4 signs you are being used, and how to end it

If you feel that someone is taking advantage of you, use these following measures to quickly get rid of them.

In any group or organization, we will all be easily used. This action can come from someone who wants to get their own way and wants to use your strengths as a solid stepping stone for their work. In general, using other people are mostly for improper purposes. So how can we identify these situations and avoid making ourselves a "benefactor" of someone?

Here are some warning signs that you are being, or are about to be taken advantage of:

1. They always try to exaggerate everything

To draw your attention, they often include "dramatic" details in their own story, making you curious or even interested. Once they have your sympathy, they will go into the details and suggest that you could do some things that benefit them.

Therefore, whenever anyone suddenly starts talking to you, whining, complaining about something, just listen politely, but then quickly get away from them and it's best not to ask for more details, expressing your concern in front of these people.


2. They make you feel scared

One of the typical tactics of manipulators and exploiters is to make the others feel threatened. In terms of psychological factors, we, when feeling anxious, often lose the ability to judge the circumstance and control our thoughts. Playing a "hero", they will enthusiastically help you get rid of the invisible fear but on the other hand, they are also leading you to their ultimate goal.

If they are trying to find a private space to talk to you, suggest them to some crowded places and if you have the opportunity, lead the story to a different direction or even stop the conversation if you feel like being threatened.


3. They always insist on the importance of themselves

In any organization, we always listen and tend to be submissive to powerful people. Understanding this factor, those who want to take advantage of you will also continually emphasize their importance to you and give you the feeling of being dependent on them in life. This feeling will make you feel unsafe if you don’t listen to their instructions.

In this situation, you should put your mind to the highest level and calmly see their real position before listening to any decision from the opponent.


4. They cannot stop talking

They are losing confidence in persuading you, so they will use this method to take advantage of you successfully. The main goal of this behavior is for you to not be able to express your personal opinion and be distracted by their words. When you are passive in the discussion, you will find it hard to make a protest.

If you feel like you cannot give a personal voice, boldly stop their words and make a statement of your own. Or if you cannot get into their "speech", leave. This clear action from you cannot fail to reach their eyes, forcing them to stop their monologue.



By: Vivian Cooper

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