3 inventions which altered the world’s history were discovered by ... negligence

Surprisingly, Penicillin, ice cream stick and coca cola are the 3 inventions discovered due inventor’s negligence.

Penicillin was invented by ... forgetting the lid of the experiment

During World War I, many soldiers were killed by a serious infection, but the antiseptic was not effective enough to kill the wound, so many soldiers had to accept the painful death slowly in the helpless look of the medical team.

Dr. Alexander Fleming, a nearly 40-year-old bacteriologist working at Saint Mary's Hospital in London, sent an article to the Lancet Medical Journal explaining why military disinfectants made wounds become more serious.

In fact, they only have surface disinfection effects, and with deep wounds they are completely useless. He advised the military to stop using such antiseptics but could not, because the "special remedy" had not yet appeared, the wounded soldiers still struggling with their pain.


At the end of the World War, haunted by the slow, painful deaths of soldiers, he spent much of his time researching hundreds of experiments and looking for powerful antimicrobial agents. But what he did as impossibly, perhaps thousands of experiments with thousands of other compounds, was expected to produce results.

In the summer of 1928, after a long hiatus, he decided to return to Scotland for a few days. And this is the turning point of the story, when he returned to the lab, he discovered that he forgot to cover some plates of bacterial culture.


And on a cultured plate where there are lots of exotic blue molds. Under the microscope, he was shocked and delighted to realize that the bacteria around the mold had died out. On March 7, 1929, the magic compound was known as penicillin.

Thanks to a small mistake by doctors, he contributed to saving millions of people in World War II in particular and millions of people injured later. In 1945, he received the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine for his great contributions to world medicine.

Coca Cola came to us with an accident

Famous drink, popular from sidewalk restaurants to luxury restaurants, are believed to be used by all ages. Almost every student festival has Coca Cola.


Yet, little did anyone know that Coca Cola came to the world in a very unexpected way. American pharmacist John Pemberton, had a chronic headache and was heavily dependent on morphine. He knew he needed to find another medicine to cure his pain.

In May 1886, Mr. Pemberton went through a trial of kola seeds, damiana flowers and coca wine to create a medicinal wine that could save a painful headache.


However, the work he created tasted surprisingly good, the pharmacist astounded to realize the business potential of this drink. He called it "Pemberton's Coca French Wine" and started commercializing this product and selling for 5 cents a glass.

He continued to refine his product with the help of medical expert Willis Venable and finally, carbonated soft drink was born. So far and forever, the formula that creates Coca-Cola will always be a secret.

The birth of ice cream stick

The first ice cream was created by 11-year-old Frank Epperson living in San Francisco. On a winter evening in 1905, Frank craved a glass of soda, and the boy poured soda into the water and used a stick to stir. Finished somewhere, Frank did not drink that and put the cup in porch patio. Because of playing tired all day, so Frank slept without drinking it.


That night the temperature was very low, the boy's water was ice. The next morning, Frank was surprised and delighted to hold his "cup", pick up the stick and ... Bum! The world's first ice cream was born. An ice cream with a sweet, extremely cool taste attached to a stick, the innocence of the boy has given the world an invaluable gift thanks to his absent mind.


Ice cream quickly won the hearts of children, then everyone. Now, an average of 2 billion ice cream sticks are consumed all over the world, with extremely various flavors.

By: Roxana Edwards

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