2018 World Cup: How to control emotions after failure

Each season of the World Cup always ends with more than just the win-lose result.

The closer to the end of the season, the harder it is to predict the winning team. When Korea beat Germany 2-0, we saw sad tears and anger from the fans. Then the absence of huge names such as Ronaldo, Messi in the final match has left such regret in the heart of sports lovers. Winners, losers are a normal thing, but the common point of the boys on the pitch is that they are all under tremendous pressure. Especially when the team name is attached to the honor of a country.

It can be said this season is the tournament with the most surprises and fluctuations. But do not we also hear two phrases " surprises " and "fluctuations" every season? Even if the players have been fighting with tactics, they are not sure of the outcome. Being in the biggest football league in the world shows that they are all talented and so every guy deserves a compliment.

So, the lack of luck of the teams in the 2018 World Cup has shown a great lesson about life. That failure can come to anyone, in every circumstance and it is important that we have the willpower, the skill to overcome failure. People also say "failure is the mother of success", success gives us glory and failure gives us lessons. Some players will no longer have the chance to reach the glory in the future, but surely there will be a generation behind them to remember them as respected seniors to create historic marks.


Learn to control your emotions

Learning to control emotions is a way for you to train your emotional intelligence as well as face failures in your life. In self-control, there is emotional self-awareness of the present, as well as questions about where they come from and how they affect our mental and physical condition.

Facing failure, showing negative emotions is normal. It is even good because this is a sign that motivates us to seek a quick solution. However, leaving your mind completely obscured by emotions is completely different. Once you know how to control yourself, you can know how to control others. The tendency to be angry and blame others often appears in losing teams and part of the reason is that people have poor ability to control themselves. This can lead to a break in the relationship between the players, affecting the gameplay in the next match.

The easiest way to control your emotions is to write a diary, make notes whenever you have negative reactions and be positive. After becoming an indispensable daily habit, emotional control will gradually become a natural skill at the time when you encounter unexpected situations.


Have a private space

The players who react violently after losing are also understandable when the pitch is a crowded and noisy place with all the cheering, booing and tense atmosphere... Therefore, having a private space to think and relieve stress is important to face daily difficulties.

For example, you have a bad day today. At the moment you just want to throw away everything to start over. However, a word of emotion can make you regret more. So what you should do is calm down, take a sip of water and start thinking when you have returned home. Sometimes the problem you are facing is not so great, just emotions have exaggerated everything.


Listen more

Talking is an action that overwhelms all the sounds outside. When you talk, the people around you will be silent and you are also overwhelmed with your own voice. Just calm down before the negative emotions control you. Sharing is just part of releasing emotions, but it will easily lead you to seek more sympathy. Sometime you even will only wish to blame without receiving any lessons.

So the next time you get frustrated, do not hurry to use "heavy" words. Instead, start by asking "where did it go wrong?". Of course, the view of people cannot determine whether you are right or wrong, but the objective assessment will give you a more multi-dimensional view in life.

To succeed in life, turn your failures into a good friend. Although this "friend" is not so pleasant, it will never take away everything. As long as there is energy and willpower, failure will always leave valuable lessons for life. Sadly, the Croatian team did not win the trophy. But surely these guys have given sports fans an unforgettable season.


By: James Paquin

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