20 bizarre websites in the world (Part 2)

You will never know about these weird web sites until ... you really need them.


This site will help the listener find the real owner of a sample song in any song. 

So, if you've ever thought of a whistle in Flo Rida's "Whistle" song that seems to have taken another artist's sample before, WhoSampled.com will find a satisfactory answer to that "familiar” thing. 


From rubik 3x3 to 10x10, you can quickly solve with RubikSolve.com. 

This is exactly a "rubik encyclopedia" that helps you solve all types of rubik from easy to hardest. With RubikSolve.com, anyone can become a "rubik" player. 


ZoomQuilt.org's unbelievably sprawling maze 

Once you have "stepped" into ZoomQuilt.org, you will be lost in an endless maze, and will not be able to take your eyes off the fanciful but extremely attractive images here. 


This will definitely be a fun video you want to share on Facebook. 

Now, your usual saying can be countless number of famous characters... dubbing. Just type in a sentence and you will receive a video with the participation of many famous actors and actresses who are together to "broadcast" the thoughts you send. 


You will always be a lovely person in the eyes of everyone with BigAssMessage.com. 

There is a new and cute way to bring joy to everyone: Send them a sweet message. Strangely, this is always very useful. 


The higher the score, the better you can draw. 

Science has proven that scribbling has the potential to reduce stress extremely well, especially when you draw a circle. Now, you can just release tension, just be able to practice... hands with VladGotLib.com. On this site, you will have to draw the most perfect circle in your capacity, and see how perfect it is. 



It's bitter when you have to spend... over a million years working hard to reach the daily income of Warren Buffett. 

Have you ever wondered how the money of billionaire Warren Buffet will be luxury? Or, in other words, if you put your paycheck on the balance sheet with the most successful investor of the 20th century, what would be the difference? The answer is not too unexpected. If you have an income of approximately $1 million per month, then to earn the equivalent of your whole year income, Warren Buffett will have to spend ... over 20 seconds of life. 


Does anyone know that this is the sentence "Today it is heavy rain, I want to eat chicken legs" has been coded? 

If you want to be cool sometimes, becoming... a hacker is not a bad choice. HackerTyper.com site will help you satisfied by just typing any text, the site will output to the screen so cool codenamed command. The title of "computer genius" with you is probably not too far away. 


MyFridgeFood.com will help you prepare delicious food from all the ingredients left over in the refrigerator. 

With the help from the MyFridgeFood.com website, everything left in your fridge will be the most delicious dish you have ever imagined. 


So sweet, who is sad anymore? 

When you have to overcome a boring day, a timely compliment will make your mood "gray" instantly refresh. Try to visit EmergencyCompliment.com to receive countless compliments about everything around you, from the smallest things such as new jeans or intelligence. Moreover, you can even buy the best compliments through Amazon in the form of a collection of more than 60 high-scoring compliments. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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