20 bizarre websites in the world (Part 1)

You will never know about these weird web sites until... you really need them.


John Wick's little dog in last year's movie of the same name was seen as dead by netizens. 

As the name, this site can help you with the ever-painful questions every time you watch a movie with an actor... the dog must die. For the tears, the images of the dogs sacrificing themselves on the small screen are always haunted, and this site is the answer to these sensitive souls. 


Just 60 seconds to relax, all anxiety will disappear and Nicki Minaj, too. 

Get rid of stress or worries in your head, give your soul 60 seconds to relax with pixelthoughts.co. This site will shatter the minds of your mind with relaxed pianos, which bring the brain back to its "static" state on the computer screen. You just type the name of the concern in you into the box, and enjoy the great things pixelthoughts.co has to offer. 


This beautiful piece is drawn in less than ... 1 minute. 

No need for a lot of handicrafts or so high aesthetics that anyone can become an Impressionist artist with weavesilk.com. These scribbles will become so magnificent and spectacular that you will not believe that you are drawing yourself. This site has a range of options for you to explore the potential of painting. 


With whatshouldIreadnext.com, you will never have to worry ... out of books to read. 

As the name of the site, whatshouldIreadnext.com will be the "handbook" for the next book readers to follow their own preferences. All you have to do is typing in your favorite book’s title, and the database will provide you with countless books for you to choose from for your next literature trip. 


This tool is extremely useful for designers in general. 

If you are too familiar with convenient search software like Shazam, WhatTheFont of myfonts site will not disappoint you in finding the right font you need. The "search" for font is very simple, just download the font images you want to WhatTheFont, and tools will help you find the font used in that photo. 


All songs combined with the sound of the rain will produce a great orchestra. 

You can change the mood of the day with the rain falling from rainymood.com. With just a gentle melody and the sound of the rain outside the window, all the souls will be soothing. In case it does not rain, rainymood.com will be a good choice to relax on the computer screen. 


Creating your own "sadness" dictionary is also a good idea to refresh your mood. 

Have you ever been unable to find words to describe a difficult situation? For example, when in your head suddenly appears a very long image in the past, or when experiencing the feeling of waking up in the morning and in the anxiety of snoring? Let's define our sorrows at dictionaryofobscuresorrows.com so feeling just discovered a new thing will make you forget sadness very quickly. 


Trust me, you will always be the first person in the world to listen to music here. 

You will have the opportunity to become the first person in the world to listen to any song on forgotify.com. Maybe, you become the "music critic" for a new classic song of the world music. 

This interesting game is easy "addictive". 

This game seems familiar to many Facebook users as they create a small wave on this social network in recent months. This Kuku Kube is quite simple because everything depends on the player's eyesight. With this game, you will need to find a different colored square than the rest of the color box. The first screen looks easy but do not be subjective because as you go, you will be more "crazy" by the difficulty of playing this color. 


It will be interesting if all your Facebook statuses are inverted. 

Basically, every word you enter will be... inverted immediately. You will surprise your friends with this cool little trick. 

By: Roxana Edwards

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