12 things to do for a perfect job interview

Besides carefully preparing your costumes, knowledge, skills... attention to the following will help you a lot in this important appointment.

Present 30 minutes in advance

You should arrive early 30 minutes before the scheduled time to prepare yourself well before entering the job interview. After arriving, you can relax for 20 minutes, drink some coffee or walk gently to calm down. You should avoid being late, which will cause serious disappointment to the employer.


Be yourself

Just be yourself when you go to job interviews. You do not have to be trying to be some perfect person to gain any expectation from the employer. We are human beings with our own strengths so you do not need to be too stressed out if you do not know or are not good at something. It is important that you identify your strengths and perform well.

Learn about the job and the company

Before the job interview, you should carefully study the company that you apply for. That will help you better understand the work environment as well as self-assess to see whether you could fit in. If you have any questions, you can ask the interviewer. That way, you will be appreciated by employer and avoid wasting both parties’ time.


Do not interrupt the interviewer

Sometimes, because of nervousness or anticipation of the question they are about to ask, you can interrupt the interviewer unconsciously. Therefore, you should patiently wait until your interviewer finishes the sentence. That shows courtesy and respect for what they say.

Ask the employer some questions

Besides listening and answering questions from employers, you should also ask more questions about the company and the work you will do if you get this job. You can ask about working time, company strategy, company goals, company culture, or challenges you will face when joining the company... All these questions will help you understand to further consider and show that you are interested in this job.


Be honest about what you don’t know

If you are unaware of something the employer asks, honestly answer that you have no experience of that and you will be willing to learn and cultivate. Sometimes the skill or knowledge is essential to your job application, but if you are a keen learner, you will still be considered by the employer.

Do not talk bad about former company or colleagues

The truth is that no one wants to hire someone who groans and complains all the time. Maybe your previous work is hard and contains many bad memories, which is normal, but you should not show it in front of the employer. They may think you can do the same with them in the future.


Do not act like a star

You should not show that you can do everything without any team. If you cannot do good team work, they will be afraid to hire you. Besides the ability to work independently, you should also show that you can get along well with colleagues in the company to create a strong team, support each other to develop.

Use light perfume

Light scent is enough for a job interview. Sometimes it is even better to not use anything because you need to focus on talking about work rather than letting people analyze what perfume you are using.


Focus on the interviewer’s questions

You should focus on answering all questions from employers because they will take you in the right direction of the interview, rather than just answering the questions you want to be asked.

Do not share too private information

You should not disclose private information such as your family matters or your love life... It will take a lot of time and employers do not need to hear them. On the other hand, sometimes such information can be counter-productive against you in the future.


Do not ask silly questions

Do not ask questions such as: "Then what should I do?". This question is just like asking: "So will I get the job?" This innocent question often confuses the interviewer, and usually they will answer you politely: "Thank you for the job interview, we need to review the answers and consider further…". This is also the sentence that unconfident people often ask.



By: Archie Henderson

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