10 unbelievable benefits of reading books (Part II)

If you are one of countless people who do not have a habit of reading every day, that means you have overlooked the many benefits of reading.

When was the last time you read a book or magazine? If you are one of countless people who do not have a habit of reading every day, that means you have overlooked the many benefits of reading. 

Below are the rest of 10 benefits of reading books. 

No.6. Analytical ability of thinking is stronger 


Have you ever read a mystery novel and solved the mystery before finished reading? If so, you can apply critical thinking and analysis to your work by recording all the details provided and stringing them like "detective stories". 

Ability to analyze details will also be helpful when commenting on story details, evaluating whether the piece is well written, whether the character's progress is reasonable and coherent. 

If you discuss a book with another person, you can also express your opinion, as you have spent real time reviewing all relevant aspects. 

No.7. Increasing your ability to pay attention 

In an era of internet frenzy, our focus is dispersed in many directions at the same time as we deal with many things every day. 

In just 5 minutes, an average person will split their time between work, checking e-mail, chatting, keeping an eye on facebook, watching the phone and chatting with colleagues. These behaviors increase the level of stress and decrease the productivity. 

As you read the book, all the attention is focused on the story, the rest of the world goes on, and you can mix in the details you are absorbing. 

Try to read 15 to 20 minutes before work (such as reading on a public transportation in the morning), and you'll be amazed at the ability to focus on the job. 

Books help you focus as much as possible. 

No.8. Improving writing skills 

This benefit comes with the benefits of vocabulary expansion: understanding the rhythm, state, and writing of the author will affect your writing style. Just as the musicians influence each other, artists use techniques developed by the masters themselves, and writers learn to write when they read someone else's work. 


No.9. Finding the purity in the soul 

In addition to relaxing with a good book, the topic you read can bring peace and serenity in your soul. 

Reading a spiritual book can lower blood pressure and bring a sense of calm, while reading a book on self-discipline will help people with mild mental disorder. 


No.10. Getting free entertainment 

Many people like to buy books for annotation and mark the page for future reference. However, good books are usually quite expensive. For low budget, you can go to local libraries. 


In addition, there are many electronic libraries that you can buy or even read to thousands of free books even when in offline mode. 

You can find out reputable e-book libraries. 

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