10 reasons why you’re healthier and prettier with love

In fact, when you are in love, your life will be better and you will also feel healthier. So, what are the reasons?

1. You are less selfish

When you love someone, you will think of that person more than yourself - this is not limited to just your lovers. Paying attention to someone’s feelings will make you think of other people's feelings - this will benefit both you and the people around you.

2. You feel more relaxed

Having someone by your side means it’s easier to get through difficult moments in your life. If you have a busy day, your lover can help you with household chores when you return. Having a person in your mind means you have someone to talk to. In fact, a serious relationship will stop the production of cortisol – a stress hormone.

3. You are less depressed

One of the initial symptoms of depression is feeling lonely. When you have someone around, you will not feel lonely anymore, because you know that someone is willing to do things just to make you happy. You have a person to believe, to cuddle, a person who is always with you through ups and downs.


4. You feel happier

Sure. Of course, when you are less stressed, less depressed, you will be happier. Many scientific studies have proven that married people will be happier and live longer than single people. This does not mean you have to find someone to love today, nor mean that there’s something wrong with being celibate. However, on the health side, this is true.

5. You feel stronger

It may not be totally true, but you will definitely feel it. When you are in a happy relationship, your body produces a love hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin not only makes you feel good, it also boosts your immune system. Therefore, you will be less sick, and your wounds will heal faster. Love may not be a real drug, but you could definitely feel it as the best medicine.

6. You have a person who understands your better than yourself

How many times did you and your lover say the same thing at the same time, or get the gift exactly as you would like from the other half? Most of all, this means that they can recognize when you are happy or sad to share helps, to get rid of your sadness and make you feel better. Having a person who understands you all is really a great thing.


7. You know more about yourself

When you love, you also know a lot about yourself. You will see how you treat others, or how considerate you are. You will also know about the good things that were unknown, and they can also make you feel better and change your life. However, you certainly will know about bad things. All the bad things about you will reveal yourself when you love. But once you know your weaknesses, you can solve them and fix them.

8. Your world is expanded

When you love, you will know about the interests of the other half. You will know new books, new songs and more... You will meet new friends to talk and hang out with. You will also meet the family of your lover. Isn’t it amazing?

9. You learn to compromise

In a relationship, you have to know how to share. You share living space, dinner plans, as well as outings with friends. You learn to give away a little and get some back. This makes you a better person because you are giving them love, flexibility, and the fact that you care about this relationship enough to try to do everything better.

10. You take a better care of yourself

Everything will definitely make you see how much better and healthier your life is with the love of your life. When you live with that person, you will have someone to exercise together, to run around the neighborhood, or to inspire you to workout in the living room. They will also be the biggest motivation for you to keep fit and stay healthy.



By: Olivia Mendoza

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