10 of the rarest and most beautiful flowers in the world

Defeating 270,000 "candidates", these following 10 flowers not only make you swoon by its beauty but also surprise you with extreme rareness.

Champion Flower 

Champion flowers are only found in Gibraltar. 

Champion flowers are only found in Gibraltar. Scientists claim Campion flowers were extinct in 1992. However, in 1994, a unique flower was discovered by a climber on the cliffs around Gibraltar. 

Jade Vine Flower 

Jade Vine flowers are found in the forests of the Philippines. 

Jade Vine flower belongs to bean family and has beautiful green color. The flowers have long claws and the trunk can be up to 18 m (over 59 ft) long. Jade Vine flowers are only pollinated by bats and are found in forests in the Philippines. 

Lotus berthelotii Flower 

Lotus berthelotii flower was classified as extremely rare in 1884. 

This flower has been categorized as extremely rare flowers since 1884. The flower was thought to be extinct, but then some specimens were discovered in the Canary Islands - the birthplace of the flower. 

Tagetes patula Flower 

Tagetes patula flower is brown in color, 3-4 cm in diameter. 

This flower can only be found in Mexico and has been declared extinct in the wild for over 100 years. But then, these rare flowers were once again found. The Tagetes patula flower is brown in color, 3-4 cm (around 0.1 ft) in diameter. In the summer, the flowers often smell very fragrant chocolate. 

Koki’o Flower 

This flower is only found in Hawaii. 

This is an extremely rare flower that can only be found in Hawaii. Koki'o flowers were discovered in 1860, but this flower was proved to be too difficult to preserve. In 1950, scientists said that the flower was extinct. Fortunately, after that, a branch of the Koki'o flower was rescued and we could see it again. 

Kadupul Flower 

This flower is classified as a rare flower because it blooms very little. 

Kadupul is easy to grow, but it is still ranked among the rarest flowers because it blooms very little. This flower was discovered in Sri Lanka and revered by Buddhists for spiritual reasons. 

Dendrophylax lindenii Flower 

This flower has no leaves. 

This flower had been thought to have been extinct for 20 years, but it appeared again miraculously. “Ghost” Orchid is special in that it has no leaves so it is not possible to photosynthesize but to get nutrition from a fungus transplanted on the body. 

Cypripedium Calceolus Flower 

This flower costs $ 5,000. 

This is a wild flower found in the UK and is very strict protection. A flower bouquet is worth 5000 USD enough to see how rare it is. 

Youtan poluo/ Udumbara Flower 

This flower only blooms once every 3,000 years. 

Initially, Youtan Poluo flowers were discovered by a Chinese farmer in his steel pipe. The flowers are made up of 29 tiny pieces, quite fragrant and pure white. According to botanists, this flower only blooms once every 3,000 years. 

Corpse Flower 


Corpse is a very special flower. It has no stem, leaves and roots. It emits a smell like rotten flesh to attract flies and beetles to pollinate it. Corpse can only be found in Sumatra. This is a rare plant known for its impressive heights up to 6 feet. Corpse flowers are thought to be the rarest, largest and most vulnerable species in the world. 

By: Mithrine Smith

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