10 items that can turn your house into a landfill

If you do not know how to choose the right, the following items will make your house extremely cluttered.

1. Sofa bed:


This is a space-saving solution for some people. However, having to pull out and put on every day, plus sleep is not really comfortable, so this is not a good way.

If you are prepared to buy new furniture, choose a normal bed with a good mattress. This item will last much longer than a sofa bed.

2. Plastic bags:


Many people have the habit of retaining all kinds of plastic bags when needed. But there will be days that too many plastic bags will turn your house into landfill.

Put plastic bags in a small box to limit the number of bags. In addition, you should buy a few large shopping bags to carry when you need to buy items, you will limit the use of too many plastic bags.

3. Boxes:


Boxes are a convenient way to store items. However, we often use too many boxes and forget what's in the box. As a result, it will take a long time to find the item.

Clothes should be stored in the cabinet for easily taking. Some large boxes can contain items that are not frequently used. Then, you should write outside the box about the items into it.

4. Hangers on the wall:


These are positions to see easily when guests enter the house. If your hangers are always full, your house will look very cluttered. To avoid this, buy some small hangers. Bags can be hung on a special hook near the door.

5. Shoes:


Even if you carefully put on shoes, that place can still turn into a mess. Buy small shoe cabinets and then put a deodorant bag inside.

6. Large mirror:


Many people hang a large mirror to make the room look bigger. However, this mirror needs to be cleaned regularly. If the room is much light, the dust on the mirror will be easy to see.

Instead of this, make the room bigger by properly combining wall paint and household items. If you need a large mirror, choose to buy a wardrobe with mirrors on its doors.

7. Bright wall next to the door:


This is a solution to help homes look wider and airy. However, light colored paper near the place where the shoe is removed and undressed will be very easy to get dirty. To avoid this, choose a color that is not too bright, or covered with a cabinet.

8. Shelves without doors:


This is a popular item in the kitchen because of its usability. However, these shelves are very dusty and difficult to clean. It is best to buy winged cabinets to avoid dirt. The bright color shelves with doors will help the space look spacious and airy.

9. Dining table:


Some houses often line tables up to form a long table to accommodate guests. These items occupy an area and are fast because they are not used regularly. It is better to buy a roundtable so many people can sit and do not occupy the area.

10. Carpet:


This is an unstable item and very laborious to clean. If there are stains, you will have to hire someone for cleaning. If you do not remove the stain, you will have to replace the new carpet, or accept living with stains. If you want a warm and quiet floor, you can buy a small rug for being easy to wash and buy a new one.

By: Mithrine Smith

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