10 interesting things you should know about cats

Cats are cute pets who have been tamed thousands of years ago. However, there are still many interesting things about them not everyone knows.

Cats can reach high heights


In 1963, France sent Felicette, the first cat into space and returned safely to Earth. This shows the endurance and toughness of cats. Falling from a tall shelf above the fridge or a branch of a tree may be less threatening to their health.

 Cats sleep 16 hours a day


On average, cats sleep two thirds of a day, meaning a nine-year-old cat sleeps for six years throughout his or her life.

 Cats have the same feelings as human


The gray matter of the cat has some similarities with the human brain. Experts believe that cats can have many feelings of human such as happiness, excitement, mischief, sadness and anger.

Cat’s bites are dangerous


A bite from a cat is potentially dangerous and dangerous. About 40,000 Americans are bitten by the cat every year.

"This is an indisputable danger that can lead to Pasteurella multocida infection, which is why you should see a doctor when you are bitten by the cat," said Peter Muller, a veterinarian from the veterinary hospital Briarcliff in Atlanta, USA.

Cats jump very highly


Many cats turn 5 times higher than their height in one jump.



Little Nicky is the first commercial cloned cat in the world. In 2004, it was born from DNA taken from the dead mother cat. The owner has to pay $ 50,000 to make the duplication process.

Cats have internal GPS systems


Many cats get lost even though they are far away from home and can find their way back home. Experts say that the ability of cats to rely on the angle of sunlight, the Earth's magnetic field, or another ability called "PSI movement."

Pet door for cats


For households that raise cats both indoors and out, it is no more convenient than having a pet door. The idea came from Isaac Newton. According to many accounts, when Newton was experimenting with the light in the darkroom, his most valuable cat named "Spithead" kept open the door and interrupted the experiment. To keep the job unaffected and allow the cat to roam freely, Newton cut a small hole in the door and covered it with a cloth. Today, many households use pet doors, which are suitable for both dogs and cats.

Cats have hundreds of thousands of hairs


The cat body has about 130,000 hairs per square inch (6.45cm2). Measures to minimize the amount of cat’s hairs that fall out in the house are sweeping daily and vacuuming regularly.

 Cats are able to use the toilet


According to cat training experts, cats will know how to use the toilet if they are properly trained.

By: Roxana Edwards

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