7 manners of successful people

People who know how to master non-verbal communication usually have higher emotional intelligence (EQ).

Research findings point out that people who are better at non-verbal communication tend to have higher emotional intelligence (EQ). These are common body languages that are easily observed from successful people.

1. Sitting up straight

Not only does sitting up straight make you look more confident and powerful, but it also shows your respect to the other one. This gesture paves the way for your early success. Just have a look into the way world leaders sit, they never look like they are relaxing on the beach when having important conversations.


2. Performing exact gestures

If you over-exaggerate your manners, people might think that you are boasting about yourself, or telling lies, or trying to hide something. Meanwhile, opening your arms profoundly shows that you are sincere and comfortable with what you are saying.


3. Not folding arms

Folding your arms is basically a protective gesture. You may not perceive it but this gesture only happens when you do not feel safe or comfortable. Even when your facial expressions are relaxed with a bright smile, the folded arms still make you look unconfident and nervous.


4. Not playing with your hair during the conversations

If you have a habit of touching your hair, you had better stop doing in formal talks. Your partner might feel that you are not focusing on what he or she is saying if you keep playing with your hair. You are advised to pay full attention to the other one's speech.


5. Slightly smiling

Of course you should not smile all the time or else the other people will suppose that you are not serious or you find them funny. It is highly recommended that you smile slightly in proper places and proper time. This interactive act shows that you do listen to your partner and it can cool your partner off as well, which makes the conversation less stressful.


6. Keeping eye-contact

This can be seen as the first and foremost type of body language for you to acquire before becoming a good communicator. Different cultures have different concepts of eye-contact, so you should equip yourself with knowledge to get rid of culture shock when meeting foreigners.

Even in Western culture, it is not appreciated to keep looking straight into the eyes uninterruptedly throughout the conversation as this may threaten the other person. But of course, you cannot look away too often, otherwise, your partners will suppose that you are insincere or you look down on them.


During the conversation, you should keep eye-contact with every single participant instead of focusing on one or some of them only. Sometimes you can look away for a second to seek for the ideas or vocabulary.

7. Exchanging firm handshakes

You should never give the other one a weak handshake or he/ she will overwhelm you. A firm handshake also reveals that you are a reliable person. However, it does not mean that you hold the other people's hands too strongly as though you wanted to crush their hand bones. Whenever someone offers you a handshake, remember to respond immediately and firmly. This makes you more confident and the other one will find you more accountable.


By: Chris Stewart

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