Reasons to ignore what people talk about you

No one can understand you more than you do. Of course, other people’s advices and opinions are necessary, but you are the one who decides your life.

In life, difficulties always come to us unexpectedly. However, The most important thing is that you understand who you are, what you really want and what you can do to pursue your own happiness. 

The fact is, no matter how wonderful you are, you are never good enough in everyone's eyes. But you don’t have to be as well. These are 05 reasons proving that there is no need to be dependent on the opinions of the people around you. 

People concern about you much less than you think they do 

Of course, people are not insensible, but many of us have tendency to worry about what the others think or talk about what we do. We are afraid that our mistakes will make people make fun of you if you fail. If you keep that way of thinking, you will forever live in fears and never succeed. 

You had better know this: No one has enough free time to care too much about you, except your parents and your lovers. People do not judge you as much as you think they do. Even when they do, they will soon forget it. So, just relax, live your own life and do not worry about how the others think and talk about you. 


What they may think and talk about you now cannot decide your future 

Supposing that you make terrible mistakes and people are laughing at you. So what? Can they stand there and laugh at you for a year? The mistakes you make today cannot decide your future. In many cases, those mistakes even help you become stronger and more experienced. 

What people talk about you is just what they think 

The fact is, different people have different beliefs, norms and values. The thing you do might be proper, but it does not please other people because they have various concepts of this life. So if you are not confident about yourself, you may lose your chance though you are doing nothing wrong. 

You and other people may be too self-centered 

In today's society, people have a tendency to see themselves as the most important ones. Sometimes, you express your ideas or feelings but receive rejections. You feel terribly disappointed and furious. The thing is, you should be less self-centered and had better be a good listener, because your ideas may have problems really. Listen to the sincere comments and you will find the ways to do it better. 

On the other hand, other people commenting on you are not all supportive. Some of them do want you to be better, but some others are just showing off. So, instead of being disappointed, you should consider what comments are supportive and what are destructive. 


You are to believe and accept one thing: You are the one who understands you the most, and the other people’s opinions are for reference only. In deed, they are just outsiders. 

Listening too much may slow you down 

Every single person should be good listener, but being a good listener does not mean that you listen and do everything people tell you to do. You need to be able to know what and who you should listen to. Moreover, success does not wait for you for too long, and listening to many unnecessary opinions will slow you down or even make you quit!

By: Chris Stewart

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