5 'annoying' habits of intelligent people

Your roommates can continuously complain about your irritating vices, but they might not know they are sharing the room with a genius.

It is uneasy to measure intelligence, but science has found the links between some ‘bad’ habits with the ability to learn, to acquire new things, to invent and to solve problems. How many and which one of these ‘smart habits’ do you have? 

1. Your desk is a mess most of the time 

We often think that clever people should be very neat because they have the ability to arrange things. Nevertheless, scientists do not think so. New researches conducted by American scientists show that people with messy desks appear to have more creative ideas than those who keep their working places well-arranged.

It seems like a messy working place is the sign of a person who refuses to think inside the box. 

Of course, it is not the untidiness which paves the way for the creativity, but the creativity often results in the untidiness. 

2. You really hate chewing sounds 

Have you ever been annoyed when someone sitting next to you chewing too loudly? If so, maybe it is because of your exceptional intelligence! Scientists call this phenomenon ‘misophonia’. Many studies suggest that highly creative people tend to be unable to filter out irrelevant information, which is called ‘leaky sensory gate’. In other words, smart people have a tendency to receive all the information around them, sometimes excessively and unnecessarily. A ‘leaky sensory gate’ can help those people link ideas, leading to creativity.

Also, Darya Zabelina, a doctoral candidate in psychology at Northwestern and the study’s lead author, answered to The Huffington Post. “In these people, sensory information is leaking in. The brain is processing more information than it is in a typical person.” 

However, smart people do not enjoy those distractions. They love to do and think without being distracted, so hearing other people's chewing makes them really irritated. 

Interestingly, many studies have revealed that chewing gum can make you think more effectively and creatively.

3. You often drawing nonsense and complicated pictures 

A study conducted by British researchers shows that people who often unconsciously draw complicated paintings are better at remembering information. They also have less difficulty in expressing their ideas and feelings. 

In fact, drawing is a way that helps improve the productivity of information processing and problem solving.

4. You often criticize yourself and lack confidence

Most of us think that smart people must be very confident, but it is not so true. A study conducted in the UK states that it is the inefficient ones who often fail to point out their shortcomings, and they have a tendency to overestimate themselves. On the contrary, smart people tend to underestimate their abilities. 

Intelligent people do not need much time to realize what they are short of and what they still need to learn. So, instead of being self-confident, they often criticize and underrate themselves. 

5. You usually mutter to yourself 

You may think that self-muttering makes you look crazy. In fact, it can be the sign of a good memory, profound thoughts and competitive cognitive skills. According to several studies, good memorizers are normally the ones who remind themselves of what they need to remember, whether in their minds or with their words.

If someone makes fun of you just because he sees you muttering to yourself, then ignore him. He does not know that you are smarter than him.

By: Chris Stewart

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