Wrong choice

A young guy had 2 choices...


In the middle of the night, a woman woke up without seeing her husband lying next to her, as usual. Going downstairs, she saw the husband sitting with a cup of coffee, quietly wiping his tears away. She asked.

- What's wrong?

The husband remained silent.

- Why are you down here sitting in the middle of the night like this?

He answered with a question:

- Do you remember the day we started dating 20 years ago, the day you turn 16?

She answered:

- Yes, of course I do.

He asked again:

- So do you remember when your father caught us in love?

- Yes, I remember.

He continued:

- Do you remember his face when he took out his gun and roared: "You want to take my daughter or go to jail for 20 years?"

She answered:

- Yes, I still remember!

Again, the husband wiped the tears on his cheeks and said in a sad voice:

- You know, today was supposed to be the day I would be released.


By: Frank Richardson

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