What do you want?

A husband asked his wife what did she wanted for their 10th anniversary.


There was a rich couple living together in a big villa. Celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, the husband tenderly asked his wife:

- Honey, do you like a fur coat?

The wife answered nonchalantly:

- I don’t.

The husband continued:

- Okay. So how about I buy you a brand new Mercedes, sweetie?

The wife didn’t even bother to shake her head:

- Don’t. Not interested.

The husband asked again:

- Or we spend a holiday on the mountain together?

- Nope. Thanks.

This time, the husband gave up:

- Ok, let’s do it straight. What do you want then?

- I want to divorce.

- God! I did not expect to pay that much!

By: Lily Haney

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