Do we need a dentist to cure toothache?


Martin had an unbearable toothache. After a few days without sleep, he decided to go to the dentist. But when he was about to leave, he heard the doorbell. Martin opened the door and saw Paul, his longtime friend.

He complained to the friend:

- Oh my God! My teeth are hurting like hell! I have to see a dentist soon.

Paul comforted his friend with sympathy:

- You know what? Less than a week ago, I also had severe toothache. I told my wife and she cuddled me. She kissed so hard that I did not even feel the pain any more.

Martin replied in pure admiration:

- Wow! Your wife is great!

Paul smiled:

That's right. See? We don’t need a dentist.

Martin agreed:

- You’re absolutely right. Let’s go. We have to find your wife.

By: James Paquin

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