Tooth decay

How to cure tooth decay?


After struggling so many days with toothache, a guy decided to go to the dentist for a dental appointment. After examining, the dentist concluded:

- Sad news, you have had tooth decay.

The guy asked in fear:

- So is there a way to cure it?

The dentist opened his medicine cabinet and gave his patient a small package:

- Took all of this medicine, 1 capsule each day after breakfast. Your tooth will be fine after a week. If not, come back here.

After taking all the medicine, the guy came back, shouted angrily at the dentist:

- What the heck did you give me? It’s even more painful now!

The doctor opened his medicine cabinet, giving his patient a small package and told him to take all of it again. After a while, the patient came back with no result. The dentist said:

- There’s no way helping you now. Just go buy some bones to chew, you might be healed.

The guy surprised:

- What are you talking? I'm having a toothache and you tell me to chew bones?

The dentist calmly asked:

- Have you ever seen a dog with tooth decay?

By: Frank Richardson

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